Traveling While Aging

I came across a blog post by Dr. Ruth Nemzoff on Tips for Traveling While Aging. What I love about this blog post is that while you may have to do things a bit different, you don’t have to stop traveling because of your age.

Before Leaving

  • Visit your local travel medicine clinic to be sure your immunizations are up to date. It’s seniors and children whose immune systems can be easily compromised
  • Bring all your medications. Even the ones you only use occasionally. They are not available everywhere or the formulation is different. And take over the counter medications along for your typical ailments, especially something for travelers diarrhea.
  • Buy travelers insurance that includes medical evacuation
  • Consider your capacity for walking and necessary, order a wheelchair or bring a cane with you for long walks. Get wheelchair assistance for the flight so you can save walking stamina for some place more interesting.
  • Pack light. Weight is the enemy of all travelers, but for those with aching joints, the heavy lifting and pushing become even more difficult.

Once you arrive

  • Use bathrooms when you see them. You might not find another one for a while. This is actually for everyone and I call it Rule # 10 – Never pass up a bathroom.
  • Expect the unexpected. Be willing to change your plans. In the past, you may have enjoyed climbing 777 uneven steps with no railing to see a beautiful monastery. Now you may need to view it from a lovely restaurant on the next peak. If you hire a guide, make sure the guide will be willing to modify your plans if the walks are too long or difficult. The guide may know of alternative routes for reaching the pinnacle.
  • Schedule breaks in your day to relax and even take a nap if you can. If you’re out and about you can take a break at a restaurant.
  • Travel with a caring, compassionate companion. One who will be understanding and patient.

Be grateful for what you can do, rather than bemoan what you can’t. This may take discipline, but it’s good practice.

Thank you, Dr. Ruth Nemzoff for this excellent and assuring advice for traveling at any age.