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This Friday, February 6th is about “Romantic Packages”, where to find last minute deals for Romantic Getaways, where to go and what to do in Chicagoland and tips for Romance on a budget!

Since we were not on the air immediately following our Live broadcast from Washington, DC for the Inaguration on January 18th, I want to share my experience with you here.

We flew non-stop on American Airlines from Chicago O’Hare to Washington DC’s Regan Airport on January 18th. American Airlines added this flight just for the Inauguration. It was like traveling with family. We saw so many people we knew and the ones we did not know felt like family because majority of the passengers on the flight were going to the Inauguration. It was such a great atmosphere and we were all so excited.

January 18th was a very busy day for us. We first had to go to the convention center and pick up our credentials for the weeks activities. We then went to the Marriot Wardman to set up for our broadcast. We were supposed to broadcast from the ballroom but our signal was too weak. Believe it or not the best signal was in the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, which actually turned out better because we could see some of the inaugural activties on televison and everyone moving about in the hotel who were also there for the inauguration. I think it was a great broadcast, I especially enjoyed George Ambrose. George is one of our world travelers and has traveled with us for years. He shared his experience and his fathers experience on being a black man in the US and what Obama’s presidency means to him, his family and his community.

After our broadcast we went to the Illinois State Senators Pre-Inaugural Ball. Bonnie DeShong & Robin Robinson hosted the event and I saw so many people from Chicago there I wondered how many people were left in Chicago. LOL. What can I say. Great music by Chaka Khan, she did all of my favorites, I’m Every Woman, Tell me Something Good, etc. Good food and all the great people I got a chance to see and meet. The only complaint I had was that the hotel charged $4 per piece for coat check.

Monday I went to the Illinois State Society Inauguration Ball. This one one of the unofficial balls. I have mixed emotions about this one. The line was around the block to get into the hotel where the event was held. Some people stood in that line for over an hour. Fortunately I did not but I did have to wait for about 1/2 hour. The hotel has a hard time handling the event. The entire function space was allocated for the ball but the hotel would only let 10 people in at a time. My husband parked the car in the garage (he was being a gentleman and let me out at the front), because he was in the garage he just got on the elevator and got inside while I waited outside. When I finally got in I could not find coat check and since I saw many people carrying there coats I figured no one else could find it either. Anyway, they had different rooms to represent the different flavors and cultures of Illinois. I guess it was such an ordeal to get in that I was never really able to enjoy myself. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 20th, The Day! I was so excited! I stayed at my parents house in southern Maryland. My father took us to the train station. We got on at the beginning of the line so we got seats. I truly enjoyed this experience because so many people were on the train going to the mall to see the swearing in or the parade. Listening to people laugh and talk with one another like they were good friends but they did not know one another. Spirits were running high that day. We took photos with other people and helpd people navigate the subway system. The had already closed some stations because it was either on the security route or overcrowed. We decide to get off at Gallery Place which was at 7th & H streets. We tried to get to the press area for the inauguration but by then those streets were closed or blocked so we decided to head to our parade seats. Once again everyone was in such good spirits, we danced and sang and did what we could to stay warm. It was so magical. They turned on speakers so that we could hear the swearing in ceremony. Just after the swearing in the temperature dropped about 10 – 15 degrees. Fortunately there was a CVS right next to the stand. I went in and purchased those hand warmers. I love those things. I put one in each glove and one in each shoe. The Parade started about one hour late but noone left before the parade started. Finally it started and we all waited with anticipation to get a glimpse of our New President Barack Obama and the first family. While he did walk parts of the parade route he was in the car when he passed the area I was in. I did get a glimpse of the entire family in the car and I was elated just to be there eventhough I could not feel my feet!

Our last night in the Washington area we all wen to one of our favorite restaurants in Baltimore. We went to Mo’s. I had bragged to Bonnie about the softball sized crabcakes for $21.95 and you get two and based on the reactions I think she was empressed. This was a great way to end our time in DC with family, friends and great food!

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