About two years ago I started doing Yoga.  I had tried several times before only to fail or loos interest.  It was difficult for me to master the poses while trying to see it on Television and moving to the next pose.  It seemed when I figured out one pose they were on to the next.  So I gave up.

Then I got Wii Fit and tried the yoga poses.  What I loved about it was doing one pose at a time and the ability to do it over and over at my own pace and not moving to the next pose until I was ready to.  Now, two years later I’m still a novice but I absolutely love Yoga.  It’s calming and meditative.

Yoga is that perfect travel exercise regimen because it requires no equipment or gym. You can do it at anytime in your own hotel room and you can even do some of the poses on the plane.  I especially do yoga before, during and after a long flight to combat deep vein thrombosis, that circulatory condition that can cause fatal clotting.

Click on the links for a full demonstration from Yoga Journal
My favorites:
Warrior Pose: It’s like a fencing position. 
Standing Forward Bend: From a standing position bend at the waist and grab your ankles.  If you can place forehead to knee.
Sun Salutation: Standing, raise arms above head and place hands together.  Then lean back with hands apart with palms facing the ceiling and lean back as far as you can, then go into Standing Forward Bend.
Downward Dog: From a standing position lean forward and place hands on the floor with your feet behind you and make an upside down V shape.
High Plank: Like the high position of a push up.
Cobra: Lying on your stomach place the palms of hands on the floor at the sides of your chest.  Lift your chest and head like a cobra.

These are just a few.

I hope you try before, during and after your next long flight and see the difference.


Ja’Vonne Harley