A few years ago I went to West Palm Beach, FL for a long weekend getaway.  I only went because I found a great deal at the Chesterfield Hotel.  The Chesterfield was not far from Worth Avenue, a fantastic shopping street line with high end boutiques and designer stores. What I discovered when I went into one of the boutiques was a fantastic sale.  Everything was 75% – 80%.  Later I went to the movies (I have to add that the theatre is fabulous) and after the movies went to the Macy’s not far from there.  Well, they too were having a fantastic  sale!  I thought this odd because for me it was the beginning of the summer.

What I learned is that West Palm Beach is the home to a lot of snow birds.  Those people who live in the North and flea to the South during the winter months.  When things warm up in the north those snow birds return home leaving a lot of vacancies in West Palm Beach and this is why the stores have big sales.

I can tell you that for me I’d go during that time just for the shopping.  It’s a bit hot but you can manage that.

Ja’Vonne Harley
Owner, Advantage International
Co-Host, The Traveling Eye