Copenhagen, Denmark Day Three

It’s my last day in Copenhagen and I wake up to another snowy day.  Except today I have visibility.  It’s cloudy, light snow and cold.  The cold doesn’t bother me because I brought the right clothes.  Sweater dresses are my new best friend.  they’re warm, fashionable, comfortable and a single item which means you pack less.  It also meant that I did not have to change for dinner. I’m glad I brought my Aqua Italia boots.  The heel is a bit high but they are good looking, comfortable and waterproof.  One more thing I’m happy with and that is my wide brim fedora.  It’s keep my head warm and replaces an umbrella….I have to mention it looks good too. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice fashion for function. LOL

My impression of Denmark
Laila Pawlak

OK, now I’m ready to face Copenhagen one more time.  Our first stop is Dare2Mansion, a professional playground for corporate events and executives.  One of they’re sessions is with Lego’s.  We create two groups and within our groups we build with Lego’s to express our ideas at the direction of our facilitator and the founder, Laila Pawlak.  Her energy is magnetic.  Great team building and think tank type of exercise.  And, you get to play and imagine.  By the way, Lego was created in Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen in his carpentry workshop.  The pieces then were made of wood but after WWII plastics were made available and the Lego empire grew with Ole Kirk’s imagination.

Now it’s time to put on some hard hats.  I’ve done many site inspections of hotels and some during renovations but this is the first time I’ve done a site inspection of a hotel that was under complete renovation and an actual construction site.  It’s quite nice to see it from this perspective.  They are keeping the historical foundation and some of the structural element and there is one completed room for viewing.  This is going to be a fantastic property.  Hotel D’Angleterre will be a five star, Leading Hotels of World property and will open May 2013.  They are offering some great rates for the opening of 75% off the rack rate.

Lunch time is fast approaching or so my stomach tells me so and we head to  Love this restaurant.  It looks like the place for the “business lunch”. Dark wood tables, funky artwork, high ceilings and all window front.  The food is good too.  I see a lot of orders of Smorrebrod, that Danish open face sandwich passing by.  I order the roasted pork sandwich because it’s the restaurants signature sandwich.

After another venue site inspection at Moltkes Palae, a place for conferences, banquets and dinners, we walk to the city center, Queen’s Palace and Royal Copenhagen.  Wish I had video at the Queen’s Palace.  I’m chasing the guards to get a photo but they keep marching and then with a quick about face back to their posts.  It doesn’t look like they’re moving fast but it’s hard for me to keep up and get in front of one of them.  All of my photos are side views and I never manage to get in one with one of them.  I did to my surprise get one of them to turn his head and look at me.  I thought they were unflappable but I guess my silliness got his attention.  Royal Copenhagen is a historical store famous for it’s porcelain, Christmas items and Christmas Tables. Love the shopping in Copenhagen and I’m mad at myself for not purchasing something. I really wanted a fur hat but because it got slippery outside I didn’t go back to get it.

It’s our last night and we finish it with dinner at a very unique restaurant, Sankt Gertrud’s Kloster.  Dating back to the 14th century this restaurant has no electricity and is lit with over 1500 candles.  It’s mysterious, romantic and a bit eerie.  They had me at the Champagne Room and extensive wine cellar.  They also have champagne saboring. And the food is delicious.  Surprising because in my experience, when a restaurant is ultra unique, the food is often not very good. Great way to end the trip! Thanks Visit Copenhagen.

Yours truly,