Bodrum, Turkey

Hello Everyone,

Today is Sunday, October 3, 2010. What a wonderful day I had. We started in the morning on a wooden schooner, which is a lot like a yacht to me. We sailed for a few hours stopping for swimming and lunch. The weather was perfect. Sunny, in the low 80’s. I did not go swimming because the water was too cold for me but some of the others did go swimming. I regret not bringing my swimsuit to join them. The Aegean Sea is so clear.

We had a faboulous lunch on board the Gulet, watercress in yogurt, salad, pickeled beets, oasted chicken, carrots and potato. everything was fresh and well made. Our desert was fresh cut fruit. The peaches were sweet like from my childhood.

After yachting, we went into town for shopping and exploring. I did not plan to shop but bought 4 dresses. The town is waterfront with pedestian streets filled with shops. everything from souvenirs to leather jackets and yes, McDonalds. Bodrum makes great leather sandals and everywhere you go you see the evil eye, or what is