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July 13th is ASK THE TRAVELING EYE! We received numerous questions about travel so tune in to hear the answers. Everything from destinations to what does that mean?

This week we will kick off our newest feature WHAT’S IN YOUR CARRY ON, brought to you by Levy Home Entertainment, the nations premier book distributor. A good book is a great companion to have while traveling. Our first pick is Too Little, Too Late by Victoria Christopher Murray. Tune in to hear about the author and the book.

Kmart in Homewood is launching a summer reading series with four exciting authors. The series starts with an appearance by Victoria Christopher Murray, author of Too Little, Too Late, on Thursday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m. at 17550 S. Halsted. Visit for more information.

Jasmine returns to face new obstacles that threaten her happily ever after with husband, Hosea. Not only is she fighting to keep important secrets of her past under wraps, she also meets her husband’s fierce old flame, Natasia (modelesque and talented) who is still interested in pursuing a relationship with him despite his marriage.When Natasia, Hosea’s ex-fiancé, becomes the surprise addition to his 3-month remote production crew in Los Angeles, Jasmine feels the pain of unspoken past relationships and senses that Natasia is just the type of woman that she used to be—self-centered and manipulative—the player type who’s down for whateva. Too Little, Too Latefollows Jasmine as she ventures back to the west coast (her hometown) to keep her husband close and her competition closer.Jasmine must also avoid the threat of running into Brian Lewis, the unknowing biological father of her daughter, Jacqueline. Living in Los Angeles, Brian has other complications in his life and is preoccupied with therapy sessions to treat his sexual addiction as he is under the watchful, untrusting eye of his wife, Alexis.Too Little, Too Latechronicles the tribulations of two couples—the Bush’s and the Lewis’—as they fight for their love and attempt to move beyond temptations of their past

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