Working On That Life List

Having a “life list”, aka, bucket list, of destinations to visit is often because we have romanticized these places or elements of them. To make sure a destination that is on your list lives up to your expectations when you make the plunge, I suggest you do the following;

Make a list of those things about the destination that you romanticized and research them to see if they are realistic. If they are realistic, do them to fulfill your desires. If they are not realistic, do the next best thing, it doesn’t have to be exact.

Do basic research on the pricing to see if what you want to do is within your budget. Airfare, hotel accommodations, etc.

Consider using a travel agent who specializes in that destination. A destination expert can better help you with not only their expertise but their personal and professional experiences. They’ve done the destination many times and can offer not only, time and budget saving tips but also, insider tips that other travel agents may not know about.

Now, that you’ve done your homework, pick a date and make it happen. Too often it never happens because we don’t make it a real thing. Someday without planning becomes a never day. Picking a date and planning will help you move toward it.

Now go out and explore!