Ja’Vonne’s Travel Minute


There are many women married and single who travel alone.  This number is increasing and what I also find increasing is the image of the single female traveler especially those from America and Europe.

Ultimately, safety is the number one priority for any traveler and more so with a woman.  I’ve broached this subject before but wanted to address it again with some more safety tips.

Common sense never goes out of style and is sometimes your best source.  While having the same common sense you would have at home comes into play, you also have to adapt to the local culture and know gender roles.  Now is not the time to get on a soap box or exercise your ideals.

It’s also imperative to have a cell phone with you.  Either have your own cell phone and service upgraded to include international service prior to departing or obtain a local cell phone immediately upon arrival.  Know the local emergency number, how to dial it and store it in your phone.

Finally, know how to communicate “help” in the local language. With these tips you’ll feel safe, prepared and able to enjoy your trip.


Have you ever searched online for an airfare, found a really good fare and then when you went back to book it at later time , it was gone? What about when you revisit a website? Have you noticed that you only have to put in the first part and the computer displays the rest? Well, there’s a reason and an explanation for that.

When you visit a particular site, that site records your computers IP address and your search data is tracked just as your browser history is stored on your computer. That’s right booking sites record your computers web browsing data.

Some sites use this information to track your patterns, cities and dates searched and will raise prices when you’re interested in a particular flight or route.

To combat this, you should clear your web browsing history. Depending on your system it can be called cache or footprints. You’re then more likely to find that lower airfare again, unless of course, it’s just sold out.


To have a more successful shoulder season vacation, you’ll have to plan for it.  Since shoulder season is between a destinations low and high season it usually means it’s reflected on the calendar in the Spring and Fall.
Should seasons are seasons of change. And one of the biggest proponents of change is the weather.  It can be a bit cooler and definitely unpredictable.  Pack that umbrella or rain hat.  Plan some alternative or back up indoor activities.  Pack clothes for layering so if it becomes a bit warmer you can take clothes off and if it the temperature drops you’ll have a jacket or scarf to keep you warm.
Another proponent of change is the time and schedules.  You know spring forward and fall back? Make sure you’re in the know with the time changes so you wont miss openings, flights or any other appointments.  This is also a time that museums and other attractions may change their schedules.  They may have shorter hours and close some day.  Make sure you check ahead of time
Prepare, prepare, prepare and you’ll have loads of fun.

What’s in your carry on?  The carry on is an essential travel accessory and should meet some basic needs?  Your carry on should meet your inflight needs, upon arrival needs and in case my checked bag didn’t arrive needs.

Inflight needs are things like entertainment, toiletries, blanket or jacket, snacks, socks or slippers, sleeping aids like an eye mask, earplugs or the pharmaceutical kind and your medications.

Upon arrival needs are your contact numbers, itinerary and cell phone.

In case my checked bag didn’t arrive needs are things like a full change of clothes or at least underwear, hair and beauty products (making sure of course they are the travel sizes of less than 3 ozs each.

Another essential is how you dress for the flight.  Dress comfortably but chic so that if you only brought a change of underwear, you will still be ready to go out on the town.  Choose clothes that are dark in color, wrinkle free and bring some Frebreeze with you. Turn the shower on hot, hang clothes, spray them with Frebreeze and let them steam for a ½ hour.

Remember, the carry on rule of 3 – 1- 1, 3 ounce liquids, 1 carry on bag that fits underneath the seat in front of you or the overhead bin and 1 personal item like a purse or computer bag