Why I love Train Travel!

With all of the modes of transportation, train travel is by far my favorite and my most enjoyable transportation experience.

Here’s Why:

Train stations are convenient.

Typically located in the city center, you’re in a taxi or on the train an at your hotel in no time. That taxi ride is also much less than an airport transfer. I just love arriving in New York! Penn Station is a destination all its own.

There are no luggage restrictions.

Let’s start with stating, one should travel light regardless of the luggage restrictions because a true Traveling Culturati knows that too much luggage is a nuisance and is not stylish. There are no weight restrictions, size restrictions, and no content restrictions. You also get to stay with your luggage or your luggage gets to stay with you, either way you want to state that.

Train routes are scenic.

While air and cruise travel will provide scenery at some point, train travel provides things to see along the way and most of the time. Riding on a train, meandering through a countryside and sipping on a nice glass of wine as you watch the scenery pass by is one of the most relaxing experiences. One of my favorites is a luxury train through South Africa.

Train travel has a lot of other perks.

You don’t have to arrive 2 hours prior to your departure, there no long security lines, no restrictions on liquids, so if you must, you can bring your large bottle of shampoo! You can also move about freely without waiting until you reach 10,000 feet or until the captain has made the announcement or the train has come to a complete stop.

And my favorite reason, the seats are very comfortable.

Whether it’s on a local train, a commuter train or a luxury train, the seats are more comfortable than your standard economy airline seat and the recline is a real recline. Of course, you also have first or business class options. The train experience in Japan is second to none. Their trains arrive to the minute, if not the second of the scheduled time. Their seats are plush, the ride is smooth and at breakneck speeds.

Luxury trains for long trips have fabulous accommodations, fine dining and entertainment and all of the other perks I’ve already mentioned. The price tag is a bit hefty, but the experience is usually all-inclusive. It just doesn’t get any better than that!