Up In The Air – The Frequent Flyer

Hi Everyone!

Have you seen the film that is in theaters starring George Clooney called “Up In The Air“?

This is one movie that will give you some great tips on traveling. As cute and talented as George Clooney is, his character in the film, Ryan Bingham, gives some great travel tips we all should follow when traveling.

The premise of the film is Ryan Bingham is a Corporate Downsizing Expert. He works for a company that corporations hire to come in and fire people. Ryan is in more airports and hotels than he is in his own home. He has a personal goal to obtain 10 million frequent flyer miles on his airline of choice.

Ryan has several tips for the frequent flyer.

1. Pick an airline and sign up for their frequent flyer miles program. His airline of choice was American and their Advantage program. Then use credit cards, hotels, car rentals companies and restaurants that partner with the airline’s program.

2. Learn to pack everything you need in a carry-on bag. He and my “partner in travel” and on the radio, Ja’Vonne, has this tip down to a science. I’m getting there.

3. Check in on line or at the Kiosk.

4. When going through TSA security, scope out the lines before you get in one. If there are families in a line and you are a single traveler, you might not want to get in that line. It will take time to get the strollers and things through. If there is a line with business travelers, that might be the line for you. They travel often and know what to do to get through security quickly.

5. Take time to know the airport you are traveling out of and in to. If your gate changes at the last minute you won’t waste time trying to figure out which way to go.

6. Dress nice when you travel. You won’t get that upgrade if you look like you are on your way to a football game.

6. Smile, be polite and look the airline personnel in the eye. You treat them nice…they will remember you the next time you come through.

Ryan’s goal was to earn 10 million frequent flyer miles and he would get to fly anywhere he wanted on American, meet the premier pilot, and get his name on a plane. Did he make it? You will have to see the movie to find out.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the Sky!

Bonnie DeShong
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