In a recent issue of Travel & Leisure there was an article titled “A Trip of A Lifetime”. I love the very first line. “What is it that elevates a humble vacation to that romantic, lofty-sounding thing, a trip of a lifetime?”

It got me thinking that too often we romanticize the notion of a trip of a lifetime and will often let it not happen or slip away into wishful thinking. We wait and wait until we can get it just right with all the bells and whistles until it becomes a regret. A trip of a lifetime that never happened.
Reading the article and the destinations T&L listed as a trip of a lifetime made me realize what wonderful trips I’ve taken. I’ve been to many on their list and it took me on a trip down memory lane. You see sometimes that trip of a lifetime unfolds before your very eyes. It happens without you even knowing. I thought about each destination and what I remembered most about my trip. Often, it was an experience with other people, be it from the group or a local, it was tasting something, enjoying a moment of solitude or something that took me out of my comfort zone.
On my recent trip to Zimbabwe, one of our group members walked with lions and before you knew we had all signed up for it.  It was definitely something I will forever remember and cherish. To not only pose and take pictures with lions but to walk alongside them.

Another experience I always look forward to whenever I go on safari in Africa is to have a local beer at the outdoor bar or restaurant in the middle of the afternoon and look out into wilderness to watch nature and be present in nature. It’s something I like to do alone and it’s a quiet meditative time for me.  I was able to do this in Zimbabwe on my recent trip. The outdoor bar at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is perched high above the plains and perfectly positioned before a watering hole that draws animals. I spotted warthogs, elephants, hyenas, vultures and other animals I can’t remember pay it a visit.

What I took from the article and what I’m saying to you is to go, go anywhere, explore your wanderlust and don’t plan a “trip of a lifetime”, have a “trip of a lifetime”
Yours truly,
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” St. Augustine.


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  1. Thorsten
    December 16th

    It is a beautiful shot with very good lighting -)