Traveliong on a Budget

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

We all know that we are in tough ecconomic times. This does not have to mean that we don’t do what we love and what we love is to Travel. Today on The Traveling Eye on 1690 WVON or (11am – Noon Central Time) we are discussing ways to travel on a budget. We’ve traveled all around the world and here are some of our tips.

  • While traveling in Europe and visiting 2 or more cities or countries one way to save is to take an overnight train to your next destination. There are several benefits to doing this.
    Trains in Europe are often less expensive than air.
    You’ll save on possible baggage charges
    You’ll eliminate a nights hotel cost
    You’ll add to your travel experience.
  • Look into what you can get for free
    Frequent flyer or frequent stays – Don’t write off low points or mileage because you can use miles to reduce cost, for upgrades and you can also purchase miles.
    Check out the city’s website for a list of free activities
    Check with your credit card companies for programs, they sometimes offer discounts if you use the card or you may have a point program with them that can be used toward a frequent flyer or frequent stay program
  • When eating out there are several things you can do.
    Ask locals where they eat, these places are often less expensive than the ones that target tourists
    Ask the hotel or concierge for discount booklets, you can often find 2 for 1 or free appetizer or desert.
    Look in the local paper for discounts and restaurant coupons
    For lunch or a light dinner eat appetizers, especially in the US the portions are huge
    Eat at the Bar, bar menus are often less expensive even in expensive restaurants, also some places still offer happy hour.
  • Use the city guide
    For free activities
    Passes, i.e. museum passes, park passes, dine arounds, etc
  • Plan a head, do your research and be flexible
    Decide what to book in advance and what to book as you go.
    For hotel accommodations stay just out of town or city limits (make sure you calculate and know transportation)
    Travel off peak season, you don’t have to travel in the dead of winter but if you know the seasons this can mean just a week or even a day before or after peak season for the best rates.
    Travel midweek instead of weekend if you can
    Look for a hotel with a kitchen or kitchenette. This way you can make your own breakfast and stock your own snacks