Travelers Ten Commandments

Years ago one of my travelers gave me great information and advice in the form of Travelers Ten Commandments to share with the group. While this is written with group travel in mind it’s a good credo for all travelers to live by.

Travelers Ten Commandments

(1) Thou shalt relax…relax…relax…and put thy trust in God and thy Tour Escorts.

(2) Thou shalt not take anything to seriously for a carefree attitude is the beginning of an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.

(3) Thou shalt not worry…he who worrieth hath no pleasure. (Few things are fatal)

(4) Thou shalt spend thy time and money while on this trip according to thine own decision, regardless of what others may or may not do.

(5) Thou shalt not permit other travelers to spoil thy trip for which thou hast paid lots of money to enjoy.

(6) Thou shalt be thankful for the privilege of traveling with this special group of special people…all of whom have left their personal problems, family problems, heath problems, past mistakes, past accomplishments, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, at home.

(7) Thou shalt appreciate thy roommate and fellow travelers for his/her considerations and courtesies to you throughout this trip.

(8) Thou shalt appreciate thy roommate for not monopolizing the bathroom.

(9) Thou shalt be on time for group activities.

(10) Thou shalt remember we represent our God, our country, our state, our city, our family, our people and ourselves when traveling…as well as when we are home.

Ja’Vonne Harley