Travel Gifts

Merry Christmas!

Want to know what to get jet setter in your life.  OK, they may not be a jet setter but if they travel they’ll appreciate one of these gifts for Christmas. 

The Silk Travel Blanket:
Why we love it? It’s yours and yours alone.  It hasn’t been used by thousands of other people.  We also like the weight of it and the foot pocket.  Use it on the plane, in the car or at the hotel, especially if you are sensitive to detergents.
Cost: $42.85

Magellan’s Smart Lite Travel Alarm Clock:
Why we love it? It’s small, has a back light that turns on automatically, large LCD display and an ascending volume.
Cost: $20.85

Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale:
Why we love it? It’s compact and you get to weigh your luggage before the airline does.  No surprises.  It also has an ergonomic handle, displays in pounds and kilogram and will store your bags weight in memory so you can read it after you put it down.
Cost: $25.00

Folding Noise Canceling Headphones:
Why we love it?  NOISE CANCELING! Well that’s the number one reason.  It drowns out the surrounding noise so all you hear is your music or movie.  We also like that it’s folding so it packs nicely.
Cost: $69.95

Magellan’s On Tour Under seat Rolling Tote:
Why we love it? It’s lightweight, fits under the seat, made of rough ballistic nylon, has lots of pockets inside and out, and did I say fits under the seat!  Had to say it again.
Cost: $99.00

Smart Packing DVD:
Why we love it?  We travel a lot and see tons of people with too much luggage.  Here’s a tutorial on packing.  It will save you time, money and back pain!
Cost: 14.85

Magellan’s Aluminum Travel Wallet
Why we love it? Beside the fact that it looks nice and is sleek, it has RFID protection in the design.
Cost: $29.50

Magellan’s EveryWear Women’s Hipster Travel Brief:
Why we love it? They’re designed for travel, won’t bunch, very soft, stretchy and they look nice.
Cost: 14.50

Travel Combination Converter/Adaptor Plugs:
Why we love it? It automatically switches itself based on the appliance combining the function of a transformer converter and the converter for heating appliances.
Cost: $48.85

Magellan’s Luxe Inflatable Seat Cushion:
Why we love it? It has Motion Response which means it moves when you do.  It also looks nice and can be used on planes, trains, ships, cars or stadiums.
Cost: $29.85

Women’s Voyager Convertible Travel Jacket:
Why we love it? It fits a women’s shape! Can you believe what you can put in it’s multi-pockets? Umbrella, iPad, phone, guidebook, maps, compact camera, water just to name a few.  The sleeves zip off and it’s water-resistant and machine washable.
Cost: $129.50

Mobile Power Flex DC to AC Adaptor:
Why we love it? It gives your car an electrical outlet.  It converts your cigarette lighter into a wall-style AC outlet.  It has a 300 watts of surge capacity protection and automatic shut down to protect your cars battery.
Cost: $34.85

The above items are all found at

Please note that all of these items were selected by The Traveling Eye team because these are the items we love and use!

Other items we love

Pocket Purifier:
Why we love?  We’re not germophobes but we recognize that being around alot of people in areas that are not always cleaned thoroughly, impurities can spread and make you sick.  The Pocket Purifier is a handheld germ killing UV light.  It’s compact and can be used on just about any thing.  One thing I use it for is the back seat tray on planes.
Find it at

Arm Pocket Sport 20:
Why we love it?  it fits on your arm, is moisture resistant and holds touch screen devices, ID, credit cards and keys.  Great for working out or on a day of touring to keep your items from harms way.
Find it at

ETA Neck Pillow & Blanket:
Why we love it?  If you’ve ever listened to our show you have heard me on numerous occasions talk about how much I love the traveling neck pillow and having my own blanket.
Find it at

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas from The Traveling Eye!