Travel Essentials

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

On Friday, November 13th The Traveling Eye did a show on Bonnie’s & Ja’Vonne’s Travel Essentials. So if you missed the show or if you heard the show and wanted to refer to ou list of Travel Essentials read on…

Bonnie’s Travel Essentials

  • Power strip, Why? Hotel rooms rarely have enough electrical outlets and with todays electronics (lap top, cell phone, camera and Ipod charges) we need several outlets. Another good reason? You can keep all of your electronics in one place and you’re likely to leave one behind.
  • Socks, Why? your feet get cold, you can freely walk about the plane and through airport security and keep your feet clean
  • Electronic Reading Device, Why? Books are heavy!
  • Luggage Scale, Why? With escalating baggage fees you can weigh your luggage before you get to the airport
  • Zip Lock Bags, Why? They’re good for your toiletries, snacks, things that can leak and all sorts of things
  • Travel Alarm Clock, Why? It’s portable, you know how to use it and you don;t have to rely on electricity
  • Charges, Why? You need them as you use your electronics
  • Emergency Contact information and insurance cards, Why? If something happens to you or your home you have a go to person to assist you or take care of things in the event somethign goes wrong.
  • Camera/Video Camera, Why? To take home the memories and capture good times

Ja’Vonne’s Travel Essentials

  • Add a lock, Why? This little gadget is small, portable and it makes your hotel room a fortress.
  • Wheeled Luggage, Why? For easy moving especially with heavy luggage and you can move it yourself.
  • Comfortable shoes, Why? You’ll always need a good paid of walking shoes and for more comfort moving around the airport and on the plane.
  • Snacks, Why? We each have snacks we love and your special snack may not be available on the road and snacks can be expensive.
  • Mint or gum, Why? Especially on long flights halitosis can be a problem before you can get to the toothbrush!
  • Neck pillow for long flights. Why? It’s very comfortable and it prevents the dreaded head bob. I like the soft ones with microbeads.
  • First aid kit (band-aids, Neosporin, ace bandage, tweezers), Why? you never know when you’ll need one and it could be at odd hours when the stores are closed.
  • Basic medicines, Why? Same reason as the First Air Kit, plus they can be very expensive on the road.
  • Flash Drive, Why? You can take your computer files with you. I like at least 2gb. Plus when you use a public computer it’s the only way you can download a file.
  • Sanitizers (hand, Lysol, antibacterial wipes), Why? H1N1, Norovirus, a lot of people don;t wash their hands.
  • Umbrella or rain hat or poncho, Why? Weather happens.
  • Shawl, scarf, pashmina, Why? They’re great accessories and are multi-purpose.
  • An extra bag, a collapsible one, Why? We always bring back more than we take.
    $1 bills, Why? Mostly for tipping but also take small bills with you for street shopping.
  • Teeth brushing alternative for long flights, Why? If you’re like me, I cannot brush my teeth in a public place so to have fresh breath until I get to my hotel I use either the Wisp or the Brush Up.
  • Laundry bag, Why? I like to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes in my luggage and it makes unpacking easier.
  • Laundry detergent, Why? For those items you prefer or need to wash out in the sink. Think bathing suit. I’m not one to bring a bathing suit for each day.