WHUR World Tour 2017: Cuba

A Cuban African Journey


The 14th Annual WHUR World Tour is heading to CUBA, one of the most sought after destinations. Our “People to People” program allows us to immerse ourselves in the Cuban heritage, meet and learn from the Cuban people and experience some of the legendary attributes that have become synonymous with Cuban culture.

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Detailed itinerary


Arrive in Jose Marti International Airport Terminal. Clear customs and immigration, this process takes around one hour. Meet your local tour guide who will be our representative in Havana throughout the trip.

Tour around the city. Take a panoramic drive around modern Havana. Your tour guide will take you to get your bearings around this amazing city. You will be taken around the modern part of Havana, including neighborhoods like Miramar, Vedado, Centro Habana. Stop at the historic Revolution Square; a political venue since 1959.

Hotel Check-in.


Welcome dinner at a “Paladar”, a term commonly used in Cuba to refer to private restaurants. Home-made cuisine and authentic flavors of Cuba characterize these establishments. This is the restaurant where former president Barrack Obama had dinner when he visited Cuba. Meet with Chef Carlos.

Return to hotel






Take a drive around modern Havana. Start from the Malecón seafront, an 8km-drive where locals sit and enjoy the sunset every evening, Hotel Habana Libre, the Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor and Riviera Hotel. Your tour guide will take you around the modern part of Havana, including neighborhoods like Miramar, Vedado, Centro Habana.

Walking tour of Old Havana. The founding of Havana as one of the most important commercial cities in the New World brought about the urban growth around different squares. Your local guide will take you to Plaza de Armas where the history of this amazing city began. Under the famous Kapok tree, Spanish settlers celebrated the foundational mass asking for good luck and fortune. Visit the Havana Cathedral and the Bodeguita del Medio. Admire the elegant colonial houses of the 19th Century such as Casa de Conde Lombillo and Casa del Marques de Arcos, overlooking the Plaza de la Cathedral. Visit Saint Francis of Assisi Square located next to the Havana Stock Exchange building, dating back to the 16th Century.

Appreciate the steps of rum making and bottling at the Rum Museum. After this informative tour, you will taste a sip of the internationally acclaimed Havana Club Rum.

Visit “El Callejon de Hammel”. Hammel Street is located in Centro Habana neighborhood and has been completely covered in murals; a work by local artist Salvador Gonzalez since the 1980’s. This serves as a community project that introduces people to Afro-Cuban heritage, symbols, music and religion.

Return to Hotel for a bit of down time before we depart for dinner


Appreciate the art of rolling cigars. Visit one of Havana’s cigar factories and experience an up-close look of the rolling process. Learn more about the history of the cigar in Cuba and the production process and see a wide variety of premium Habanos. This is one of the most important exports for Cuba.

In the intimacy, comfort and coziness that Conde de Villanueva Boutique Hotel offers to tobacco aficionados, enjoy a demonstration of the art to roll a Cuban cigar by the highly skilled on-site “torcedor” (cigar roller).
Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or just looking to taste one of the world’s best cigars, enjoy the comfortably pleasant lounge that invites you to smoke an artisan cigar.

Walk to the 17th century townhouse mansion at Obrapia #157 originally served as a shop selling wares and goods. Today, it has been converted into the House of Africa (Casa Museo de Africa) where there is a display of objects from different African cultures, especially ivory carvings, ritual and decorative masks, musical instruments, weapons, tools, textiles and clothes, many of which are gifts received by Castro from African countries.

Visit Mercado San Jose where the local arts & crafts will be readily available for purchase. Free time for you to admire not only the art but also to walk around the market, interact with Cuban private small entrepreneurs or sit in front of Havana Bay.

Ride in American vintage cars around modern Habana. Take pictures from your car of the Malecon, a seafront drive where locals sit every evening. Speak to the drivers about the cars’ up keep and maintenance of these jewels on wheels. Drop-off at dinner followed by a night show at the majestic Tropicana Cabaret, reminiscent of the Havana of the 1950’s.


Illustration on the Cuban educational system while in Havana driving to the Guanabacoa neighborhood and receive a better understanding about art schools on the island by visiting the elementary Music Academy Manuel Saumell, where future Cuban musicians are forged. Also where legendary Cuban musicians like Chucho Valdés, Argelia Fragoso, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Aldo Lopez Gavilan learned their instruments before continuing on to higher levels of education.

Learn more about Cuban Religion by visiting the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla, close to the boat dock in Regla (one of 15 municipalities of Havana). Inside, on the main altar, you’ll find La Santísima Virgen de Regla: the Virgin, represented by a black Madonna, venerated in the Catholic faith and associated in the Santería religion with Yemayá, the orisha of the ocean and the patron of sailors (always represented in blue).

Tour and visit the Museo Municipal de Regla. You’ll have a specialized guide who can explain the cultural context of this art, which has significance for both Catholicism and Santería. Located two blocks from the pier, this is a required stop while in Havana for those interested in learning about anthropology, history, and folklore. After lunch return to the hotel for some leisure time before we depart for dinner.
Return to Hotel


Today, we depart to Varadero Beach located in Matanzas, the last of the Western provinces of Cuba. The second largest in Cuba, Matanzas is one of the most industrialized with petroleum wells, refineries, supertanker facilities and several sugar mills to process the harvest of the fields of sugar cane in the province. Varadero beach houses more than 50 deluxe hotels, spread out along the coast of Havana’s eastern Riviera.

Pit stop at Bridge of Bacunayagua. The highest bridge in Cuba and one of the seven architecture wonders in the country. A moment to discover the beauty of Cuban nature, the bridge is located in an enviable position just in front of coastal hills between the Yumuri Valley and the Straits of Florida coast. Enjoy their famous piña colada.

Check-in at your Resort in Junior Suite Room.





Visit the Mansion Xanadu, just steps away from the sea, a beautiful and charming example of Moorish architecture of the early 20th Century. This was the first house to have been built in the peninsula.

Visit the city historic center of Matanzas and the Pharmaceutical Museum.  Visit the San Severino Fortress.

Visit and lunch at Coincidencia Farm, where owner Hector explains about organic farming in Cuba his own production.



Visit Limonar town. Its Municipal Museum shows elements of African culture and a treasure of artifacts, documents and elements from that slave trade period of Cuban history.

Visit the Sugar Mill Triunvirato, where the Monument to the Slaves’ Rebellion is located. It was built in the 19th century, a period when the sugar industry boomed in the province of Matanzas.






  • Travel arrangements (R/T Washington, Dc – Havana – Washington, DC)
  • Visa & Travel Affidavit
  • Accommodations for 4 nights in Havana at the Melia Cohiba “The Level” *****
  • Accommodations for 3 nights in Mantanzas at the Melia Marina “The Level” ***** (All Inclusive)
  • Meals per itinerary
  • 1 Ride in American vintage car
  • All activities and entrance fees as outline in program
  • Gratuities for tour guide and driver
  • Medical Insurance


  • Use of cameras during certain visits (nominal fee applies)
  • Use of video cameras during certain visits (nominal fee applies)
  • Hotel incidentals
  • Tips for hotel maids or for personal activities not outlined in the program
  • Internet services (when not specified as part of your hotel package)
  • Travelers Insurance

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  1. Liz Johnson
    November 19th

    Is there a scheduled date for Cuba next year…2018
    I went to South Africa with you guys and Doug Banks in 2014…could not have had a better experience !!

  2. Marie
    September 12th

    I am registered to travel with WHUR to Cuba. However, viewing the destruction of IRMA, I am skeptical that we will be able to tour beginning November 6. What happens now?

    • Ja'Vonne
      September 12th

      Hello, we are still awaiting confirmation from our ground operator, however, the initial report is that we are OK because while Havana has flooding it does not have structural damage neither does Mantanzas, the other area we are visiting.

    • Ja'Vonne
      September 25th


      The tour is on as scheduled. Our team is on the ground assessing all aspects of the tour to make sure al is in order.

  3. Will you be hosting hosting another trip in the near future I learned
    of the trip late.

    • Ja'Vonne
      July 24th

      We can’t say for certain if we will have another trip in the near future. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive alerts and updates.

  4. Could you please explain to me how to initiate the process. What is the cost? I also want to share a room would like to learn more for single males who want to share a room.

    • Ja'Vonne
      July 24th

      Registration is done on our website by clicking the words “Pricing and Booking Details”. At this time a 67% deposit is due upon booking and the final payment is due September 7th. We do not have a male looking to share a room at this time. Should that change we can advise you.

  5. Carolyn
    July 15th

    Why so much more for single occupancy($1,000)?

    Is the difference in price for double occupancy based on leaving from Washington,D.C. or Miami?

    • Ja'Vonne
      July 24th

      The difference in price for Double and Single occupancy is based on the room cost. Double occupancy 2 people are splitting the cost of the room and single occupancy the room cost is paid by one person. We have pricing for a Washington, DC departure and a Miami Departure, the price difference is $200.

  6. Lisa McNeil
    July 14th

    I want to know if you have any more seat available for 2 peoples?

    • Ja'Vonne
      July 24th

      We currently have availability, however limited. We have only 3 rooms left.

  7. what is the price of te trip?

    • Ja'Vonne
      July 24th

      $4799 pp based on double occupancy or $5799 based on single occupancy. Click on the words “Pricing and Booking Details”.

  8. Wendy
    June 14th


    • Ja'Vonne
      June 20th


      Yes we have a few seats still available.

  9. Marie
    June 2nd

    Hi. I just made my initial deposit. As suggested, I attempted to apply for Travel Insurance. A pink book came up and informed that I needed to submit an Office of Foreign Assets Control application and Cuba Travel Compliance Certification to send to TravelGuard. What’s the procedure for getting these papers?

  10. Yes, I’m thinking about taking this trip and I’m interested the list of single female in need of a roommate. In the comments credit cards can not be used but what about debit cards or travelers checks?

    • Ja'Vonne
      June 2nd


      We have “SINGLE WILLING TO SHARE” opportunities where you sign up as a single and we put you in contact with others looking for roommates. We do accept Debit Cards with credit card logo, and you can mail in cashiers check, money order or travelers checques to pay for the trip. You may not use Travelers Checques or Credit Cards or Debit Cards or ATM in Cuba.

  11. Please send all informations for the Cuba Trip

  12. DJ Mocha
    May 24th

    Sounds like an amazing trip!

  13. Al. C.
    May 22nd

    How long is the flight? Can we upgrade to Business Class or First Class

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      The flight from is from Washington to Miami(3 hours) and then Miami to Cuba is 1.5 hour. Yes, an upgrade can be requested and price quoted accordingly. Please contact our office.

  14. Interested in traveling to Cuba.

  15. Eva Lawson
    May 18th

    Please send me information for how to register for the trip to Cuba.

  16. Is it to late to book this trip?

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      Click on the Cuba trip link, then click on “Book This Trip”

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      It is not too late, however it is filling up quickly.

  17. AJ
    May 16th

    Are slots still available for this trip — need 4?
    Will there be regular calls or meetings leading up to trip?

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      $4699 pp based on double occupancy & $5699 pp based on single occupancy

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      Yes, we still have availability. We will have information and contact leading up to the trip and an orientation prior to the trip.

  18. Are they any women who need a roommate? Two people changed their mind at the last minute. The voice $$ as the issue.

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      We’ve had inquiries, sign up for “single willing to share” and we can put you in contact with others who have indicated the same.

  19. Marie
    May 13th

    Are American dollars accepted in Cuba? What about credit card?
    Will we leave from Washington airport (DCA)?

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 22nd

      Credit cards are not accepted in Cuba. US currency can be used for exchange.

  20. This would be such a great trip for my 50th…. What is the cost of the trip?

  21. Jennifer
    May 9th

    Will US tourists on this tour be allowed to swim at the beaches since traditionally we are allowed to visit Cuba for educational purposes, not recreational? Also, is there an opportunity to go to nightclubs and hear music and learn Cuban dances?

  22. Is there an incremental payment plan through a travel agency? please advise.

  23. I would to sign up for the trip to CUBA>
    James Hines. I may have one or two more people.
    I will be rooming alone

  24. When is the final payment due for the Cuba trip?

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 2nd

      Please see the Terms & Conditions at http://advantage-intl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/TermsandConditions.pdf for all details.
      Payment Schedule: Not adhering to the payment schedule can result in late fees, cancellation without notice and/or rate increases.
      • 33% of the package price – Due at the time of booking (Non-refundable deposit)
      • 33% of the remaining balance – due by July 7, 2017
      • Full and final payment due by September 7, 2017


  26. What’s the cost of this week-long tour? And how many people will it accommodate? GRACIAS!

    • Ja'Vonne
      May 1st

      The trip will be limited in size as this is a fully authorized “People-to-People” trip with a custom designed itinerary to highlight Afro-Cuban culture. The price is $4699 per person based on Double Occupancy and $5699 per person Single Occupancy. Details at http://advantage-intl.com/book-whur-world-tour-2017-cuba/

      • Marie
        June 16th

        Based on the recent news stories regarding cutting back on travel to Cuba, I understand that People to People travel will be affected and that only authorized Treasury People to People programs may go. When you state that it is fully authorized in your May 1st response above, do you mean authorized by the Department of Treasury?

        • Ja'Vonne
          June 20th

          Hello, Yes, this program is legal travel to Cuba. This is a Group People to People program that follows the guidelines and is not affected by the presidents June 16th announcement.

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