The Solo Traveler

To some solo travel can be dreaded, but for some, it’s a welcomed adventure. It’s freeing to explore on your own, at your own pace and to be able to do what you want when you want to.

If you are a solo traveler or considering taking that plunge here are some tips to be safe and have fun.

Every adventure should start with a plan, whether it’s detailed or an outline.

Traveling alone and with some adventure, even if you want to have some spontaneity, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared. The main planning you should make is for your accommodations, transportation and the culture of the destination.

Remember that song, The Freaks come out at night? Let’s face it, strange things happen at night and it’s a time when the bars a full, people go out to party and have fun. This is when you need to have a plan. Know where you’re going, know the area, don’t walk the streets alone or along a lonely street or alley. Stay in populated areas and if you’re at a bar, make yourself visible and engage bartenders and wait staff and NEVER go off with someone by yourself. You should also know the culture, especially if you are a solo female traveler. And, PAY ATTENTION!

One of the most rewarding parts of traveling is meeting people and that’s especially true and easier when you’re a solo traveler.

This is when you can visit food markets, flea markets, neighborhoods and other places where locals congregate. These areas are well populated and it’s less obvious that you are alone. Chatting up shop owners and other locals can give you great insight and ideas or places to visit and local cultures to try.

One thing a solo traveler must do is travel light.

Not only is it cumbersome and expensive, lots of luggage can weigh you down, keep you pre-occupied and hinder your movement.

So travel light, explore the streets, meet the locals and discover yourself in the process.

Ja’Vonne Harley

Host, Traveling Culturati



  1. patricia T. Brown
    December 7th

    Traveling to South Africa in March 2018..solo, with a group…WDAS FM . TIPS ?

    • Gene
      December 7th

      You have the best of both worlds. You have the benefit of being a solo traveler when you want and the option of being with numerous like minded persons. You have Options. Dine alone or join a newly formed group of friends, experience a great destination with or without others. Yes, you will be traveling with a group, but even when you book a tour, you generally are with others. You have numerous opportunities to be by yourself or not. Join others when you want and find you have so much in common, or stay solo. Enjoy the options and YOU decide. In nearly 20 years of designing and offering these destination trips, we have those who book as Single and enjoy their privacy and at the same time, look forward to being with the same group of “friends” they only know through these trips. Our top travelers with 10+ trips are all Single travelers who love the option.