Hi Everyone!

Ja’Vonne and I are self proclaimed “Foodies” so one way we determine a great destination is through the gastronomical experience. We were not disappointed at The ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Known as giving the “Gourmet All-Inclusive Experience” The ROYAL takes it to another level when it comes to dining. The resort offers everything from tapas and sushi, to rack of lamb and escargots, to dining on the beach, plus 24-hour room service.  No matter where you decide to eat on property, everything looks, smells and tastes delicious.

Lamb at Maria Marie

All of my meals were wonderful so I will only point out a few of my many favorite dishes.  Our first night at The ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen we ate at beautiful Maria Marie restaurant. We were served; Sweet and Sour Salad, Shrimp Bisquet, Lamb Chops Charcutiere, and Chocolate Fondant for dessert. The meal was paired with Chardonnay, Monte Xanic, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico (that’s wine).  Everything was served nicely and with a little flair.  I am one that isn’t fond of Lamb but I have always been taught that you honor your host by eating what they have prepared.  I am so glad my momma taught me well.  This lamb was the best I have ever eaten. Usually there is a gamey taste to lamb, not this one.  It was marinated with Dijon mustard and was so tender and delicious. (my mouth is watering as I speak).

Steak from the Mediterranean, Yum
Shrimp from Pelicanos

Another of my favorite restaurants was Tapas. It was great for lunch or dinner.  The food was so fresh and tasty.  The best steak I have ever tasted was at the Mediterranean restaurant. If you have a love of Asian Cuisine the Asiana – Oriental Gourmet Restaurant is the place for you and if the ocean is what you would like to see while you dine, Pelicanos – Ocean View Restaurant is a great place to start or finish your day.  There are other great restaurants and bars on property at The ROYAL that I could tell you about but then you wouldn’t have anything to discover on your own.  

Now that I have made myself hungry talking about the wonderful restaurants and delicious food that you will experience The ROYAL Gourmet All-Inclusive Resorts, I am going to head off and pop some popcorn. (Nope, I can’t cook at all.)

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!