The Evolution of Cruising

Last Friday on our show we had special guest, Ines Turus, President and CEO of Cruises International to talk about the evolution of cruising. The key points to the conversation were the following:

The new ships that launched in 2010 and are being launched in 2011 especially the mega ships where entertainment, food and cabins have been upgraded from the standard concept of the cruise experience from yesteryear.

  • Multiple dining options from buffet to high end
  • Freestyle cruising that’s not regimented
  • Larger cabins and more categories
  • Elevated spa services and facilities

When to book?

  • Although there are some last minute deals out there it’s best to book the moment you know you want to cruise and have set a date. Last minute deals are often for less desirable cabins and for those who are more flexible with dates and destinations.

Should you use a cruise agent or DIY?

  • Using a cruise agent can get you better deals, added value and information. Cruise agencies like Cruises International will often have group blocks of cabins that individuals can benefit from. Those benefits include discounted rates, cabin selections and availability that may otherwise be sold out, shipboard credits and other amenities.

How to select a cruise?

  • It’s best to use a cruise agent if you don’t know how to select a cruise. They can ask you the right questions on what you’re looking for in a vacation experience and guide you to the ship & destinations rather than destination alone.

During my phone interview with Ines she shared with me that the best kept secret is river cruising. River cruising is a great alternative to contemporary cruising. These ships are smaller and offer different ports of call that the larger ships cannot get to.

Cruises International is hosting the Cruise & Vacation Expo on January 29 & 30. For more information

Ja’Vonne Harley
Host, The Traveling Eye