The End of Prohibition Event in Chicago

I had a blast at the End of Prohibition event last night.  The event was at the Red Canary.  I love their patio.  There was something going on every where.  Free massages, mani/pedi’s, hair, period dresses & hats and Gambling.  Not with real money but it was fun all the same and the only way I would gamble.  For the first time I played craps.  I always saw it in the movies and it looked like such fun and it is.  There’s a comradiere.  Last night was my lucky night.  I had just told my husband that numerology says that my lucky number is 5, I bet 5 and it hit through the night.  I then said let’s switch it up and play August (8) my birth month and wouldn’t you know it, they started rolling 8’s.  5’s & 8″s were rolled all night long.

That’s me in the hat!