Hello Fellow World Travelers,

I am off on another journey. This time to Macau. That tiny island next to Hong Kong. This is an unknown adventure for me & my first time to Macau. I’ve been to Hong Kong so I’m hoping there is a difference. I am part of a press trip and have already arrived at JFK but I have not met the others yet. Fortunately, the organizer arranged lounge passes for us, which allowed us to bypass a very long security line. Note to self, Terminal 7 @ JFK only has a Starbucks & Subway sandwich shop before security.

So far today was a great travel day. I took my own advice and packed one carry on bag, pictured here. This is a 7 day/5 night trip. That’s right, we cross the date line making Macau 14 hours ahead of Chicago, thanks to daylight savings time. For the trip, which has a packed schedule with activities morning, noon and night, I packed 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of leggings, 6 tops (all interchangeable), 4 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes. Neatly and tightly packed I headed to the airport on this very clear day without a hitch.

My flight left and arrived on time giving me plenty of time at JFK’s airport, taking my own advice. 5 1/2 hours to be exact. As I walked through the airport in search of the Airtrain that connects the terminals I realized that when you give yourself enough time and uncontrollable things don’t get in your way, you easily stroll and pay more attention to your surroundings. I like to see others hurrying through the airport, some frantically, some confused and some just busy. You see couples kissing hello or goodbye, children crying, business people in their own world on their blackberry’s, Iphones or laptops and the people who work there doing what they do each day. The airport has its own sound or as I like to think of it, it’s own music and rhythm. You hear different languages, announcements, push carts and my favorite joy and laughter when loved ones see each other. I wonder… where is everyone going? so I asked a couple I sat next too while I waited. They were flying to Barcelona to take a 14 day cruise. The cruise will take them to the Mediterranean, Africa, Bermuda and finally Miami. One more thing before I get back to taking my own advice. People were helpful. I initially thought Cathay Pacific, the airline I’m taking to Macau, was at Terminal 4 so as I approached the Airtrain I asked if this train was going to Terminal 4. After I was told yes, I boarded the train and then saw on the directory that Cathay Pacific is in Terminal 7. (This is also a taking my own advice point. Double check information.)The next stop was 7 so I got off and at least 4 people hurried to tell me that I had gotten off at the wrong stop. Who said New Yorkers were rude? Yes, they were New Yorkers!

Back to taking my own advice. Limited to only one carry on bag and one additional bag, which is my laptop bag, I had a dilemma, what about my purse? I packed a small purse with a shoulder strap for the evening and a tote bag for day time and extra stuff. I packed them both in my laptop bag so I could get through security without being stopped. I was stopped anyway. Not because I had too much luggage or liquids that did not fit requirements but because of my underwire bra. Can’t help that! Since I had given myself plenty of time (taking my own advice) I joked with the TSA agent as he had suggested I take off my jewelry, that the item that is setting off the machine I cannot or should I say will not remove. LOL! Anyway, they called for a female agent to come and frisk me. Up and down my arms and legs with the front of her hand. She explained that this is the new procedure. I know this to be true because I reported the story on “Travel News” on our show, The Traveling Eye. I enjoyed the rub down and went on my way.

One piece of advice I didn’t take was “no alcohol”. Since I’m in the lounge and it’s free and Ganesh, one of the lounge attendants, keeps bringing them to me, I indulged in a couple of glasses of Malbec. No body’s perfect so don’t judge me!

Until Friday, when I arrive in Macau. That’s Thursday for you!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” St. Augustine
Ja’Vonne Harley
Co-Host, The Traveling Eye
President, Advantage International