Swooshing Through The Snow

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

Tis the season for the powder. You can either hide inside like the song says “The weather outside is frightful but the fire inside’s delightful. Since we’ve no place to go. Let it snow let it snow let it snow!” Or you can go Swooshing through the snow! That’s exactly what our special guests John Egan, Chief Recreation Office at Sugarbush Resort and Reginald Johnson, President of Black Ski Inc. do. go to http://www.thetravelingeye.com/ to see and listen 11am- Noon central time Friday, December 10, 2010.

John Egan will be our first guest and will take us from the basics of skiing to what’s next for the advance skier.
John Egan, rated one of the top 48 greatest skiers of our time and the most influential people in the last 35 years (Powder 2006), top 50 skiers on the continent (Powder 1999), and top 7 in the world (Powder 1995) has skied down peaks that others thought were unskiable, accumulating dozens of first descents.

Cutting his teeth on the US Pro Tour, Mogul Tour and at the US Snowboarding Championships, he quickly developed a need to explore what Mother Nature had to offer, instead of organized competition. John started getting national recognition in the early 80s when Warren Miller identified him at Sugarbush as one of his next stars.

One of the original “poster boys,” he soon became what Warren referred to as “the A.T.V. of skiers – the boldest and most innovative to come along” and he sent him all over the globe with great success, resulting in more than 14 films. In addition, he has produced and starred in many other films with international film makers and also did his time in ads, hosting promotions and as a stunt man for 7 years in the general film and broadcast industry.

One of the original members of the North Face Extreme Team he is recognized around the world as a pioneer of Extreme Sports. From Argentina to Siberia, he has created fans and made friends everywhere. At home, John was inducted into the Vermont Ski Hall of Fame in 2003.

John is still pursuing his love of the mountain life. As founder and leader of the Adventure Learning Center at Sugarbush, he helps others year-round to achieve their athletic goals. Egan tirelessly spreads his philosophy on mojo, advances theories of perpendicularity and flow-mentum, while sharing gravitational enhancement techniques for both downhill mountain biking and skiing. If you talk with anyone lucky enough to ski or ride with John, they’ll tell you to learn with him is to love him and he’s changed their lives.

John earns consistent public respect with annual and continual exposure over 30 years including the Today Show in 2008, the New York Times in 2010 and recent issues of Ski, Powder and Outside Magazines. He is both revered as a teacher and seen as an icon. And he continues to inspire generations to come.

For more information or to contact John Egan http://www.sugarbush.com/

Reginald Johnson, President of Black Ski Inc. is our second guest and will tell us about Black Ski Inc, their organization, affiliation and events.

Black Ski Inc. BSI is one of the founding clubs of its umbrella organization, the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS). Black Ski Inc is a very active club that has been around for 37 years – and is more than just a ski club! Year ’round they’ve got something fun going on…

Skiing, Boarding, Racing, Golf, Bowling, Horseback Riding, Whitewater Rafting, Cycling and much more! Local, Nationwide and International ski trips, Youth Program, Young Adult Activities, Parties, Dances Lessons, Crab Feasts and Happy Hours. And many other social activities.

For more information or to contact Black Ski Inc. http://www.blackskiinc.com/

Ja’Vonne’s Travel Tip:

Playing in the snow and being out in the cold is a lot of fun but we can’t forget to protect ourselves against the elements. Dress in layers and make sure the first layer is made of synthetic fibers because they will keep you dry. Apply Vaseline to your skin to act as a shield against the wind and cold. Use sunscreen and lip balm and wear sun glasses especially on sunny days to protect against the sun and snows glare. When it comes to footwear go for rubber soles to keep the moisture out and don’t wear cotton socks as they can become wet. If you’re traveling by road equip your car with appropriate tires, blankets, an ice scraper, shovel and flashlight for emergencies. So go ahead, embrace the cold and enjoy the snow but use these tips to have a healthy and safe winter.

Until next time….
Ja’Vonne Harley
Host, The Traveling Eye
President, Advantage International