Staying Hydrated Just Got Easier

We tend to drink less water when we travel because of accessibility and that nagging urge to use the toilet. A lot of travel illnesses can be minimized by staying hydrated.

Until recently, your only options were a fountain, probably with low water pressure, or a $5 bottle of water from any of the retail outlets in the airport. But now, a growing number of airports have begun to install bottle-filling stations for thirsty travelers.

The easy-to-use water stations are part of an effort to find more sustainable ways to improve airport amenities and customer experiences. The installations are already at some airports like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. In some locations, the water is filtered.

Elkay and a competitor, Oasis, produce hands-free bottle-filling stations that are ergonomically fashioned to fit water bottles. Travelers can place a water bottle under a spout with an automatic sensor and electric eye that stops the flow of water when the bottle is full. This eliminates the need for germy or bacterial ladened levers or buttons. Some airports have stations with a push button instead. The stations can fill bottles at a rate of up to 1.5 gallons per minute.

You can bring a portable and fillable bottles with you. Yes, you can bring them, as long as they are empty, through TSA Security, saving you money.

I’m very happy to see these and they’re important as being hydrated is significant to being healthy. On long flights the airlines do supply water, however, it’s never enough or equal to what you should consume during that time. Therefore you have to take matters into your hands and bring your own water.

I also recommend traveling with Emergen-C. You can add it to your bottle for extra health benefits (I’m not a medical professional), so this is my own opinion based on my own experiences. This is something I travel with and my incidents of illness are nill to none. They have several versions for immune, energy, and hydration and all have 1000mg of vitamin C. The one for hydration is very useful because it provides electrolytes, which are also important for a healthy balance. Here’s information on the importance of electrolytes!

So bring your water bottles and fill up at the airport to save money and stay hydrated!