Staying Fit & Healthy While You Travel

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

This Friday on The Traveling Eye, we’ll have special guest and health & wellness expert Norma Rixter on. Norma will give us useful tips and information on staying fit and healty while we travel.

How to combat disrupted sleeping

How to combat disrupted elimination

Maintain a healty diet on the road

Exercise eauipment that is travel friendly

Exercises for men & women to do in your room when time is limited

  • V.I.T.A.L. Fitness Travel Gym by Norma Rixter
    Now you’ve got your travel gym, (, what now? You’ll need to plan a time to work out in your room, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc…. you decide. The more time the better the results. Your V.I.T.A.L. Fitness travel gym includes:
    · Fitness DVD, “The Magic is in the Movement”
    · Stretch band for strength training
    · Resistance tubing with handles

I recommend you follow the DVD instructions to ensure proper form and optimum results. The DVD includes a five minute Warm up, which can be used for flexibility training. The DVD also includes a five minute Cool Down great for relaxation and stretching.

I have included a few exercises just in case you have forgotten to bring your DVD travel kit. The exercises listed below include upper and lower body, core and cardio.

Upper Body The push up is the overall upper body workout.
Women – Hold your head in a neutral position. Then stand in front of the dresser with feet hip width apart. You are going to use the dresser to push off. While standing in front of the dresser, place your hands on the dresser about shoulder width apart then lean forward with then lean toward the dresser until your chest almost touches the dresser, then push up, repeat (10 times) , if you have time do 2 sets

Men – You are going to do a full plank push up off the floor. Lie face down on the floor then place your feet just a little wider that hip width apart and your hands just a little wider than shoulder width apart. Then lift your body up keeping your body as flat as a board, then begin to bring your chest down to the floor and push up, repeat (20 times), if you have time do 2 sets

Lower Body The squat is the total lower body exercise that works the glutes, quads and hamstrings.
  • Stand in front of a chair and pretend to sit down as soon as you feel the chair stand back up, repeat (10 times), if you have time do 3 sets. Remember do not snap the knees when you stand up keep them soft to protect them.

Abdominals (Core) The core muscles stabilize the entire body, they help to keep many of your major organs in place.

  • Lie on your back and cradle your head in your hands, then lift your legs and bring them in and out alternating at a 45 degree angle slowly, repeat (10 times), if you have time do 3 sets, rest between sets

Cardio The must have, must do for heart and lung health!

  • I call this the “Ali Shuffle”, stand up and begin to move your feet forward and back alternating, try to get into a rhythm, keep the feet low. Begin to pick up the pace then engage the arms and hands as though you were jumping rope. Continue for 2 to 5 minutes rest then begin again for 2 more sets. This is a very energizing exercise so you may want to save this one for the mornings only.

Staying fit on the road doesn’t have to be hard. Staying active and eating smart will help you enjoy your time away and hit the ground running when you come back!

If you enjoyed these exercises, go to the V.I.T.A.L Fitness website to order the Health Tips Travelers Guide and The Vital Fitness Traveling Gym and other products.

Norma Rixter is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. She owns the V.I.T.A.L. Fitness Studio and provides customized workshops for companies and groups. She is a Keynote Speaker and a Conference Workshop Leader.

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