We wanted to do this topic because so many of us approach it all wrong. We take time off from work and use that time to run errands, do chores or worst yet, we do nothing at all.  So let’s first define STAYCATION.

STAYCATION: When you stay home or near home with a traditional vacation environment.

Creating that vacation environment may be the most important element of a STAYCATION because it helps you keep your goals in sight.


  • Set goals and make plans just as you would if you were going away.
  • Set a budget for the things you plan or want to do.
  • Check out what’s happening in your area during the time of your STAYCATION.
  • Make reservations and purchase tickets ahead of time.
  • Take care of those tempting chores and errands before your time off.
  • Have a plan for connecting with work and how much or when you will be accessible.
  • No matter how tempting it is DO NOT do chores! If you were not able to to take care of this before hand, hire a cleaning company.  This is an item you can include  in your budget.
  • Checkout some of those Flashcation sites we talked about a few weeks earlier that offer local deals.  This is also a great way to budget because the products and services are prepaid.
  • What STAYCATION would be complete without capturing memories.  Get out the camera and video cameras.


  • A refreshing start could be a morning walk.  This could be in your neighborhood, a nearby park or you can travel to different parks or nature trails.
  • Eat at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to.
  • A Spacation is a great companion to a STAYCATION. You could go for a treatment, a day of treatments at a day spa or to a spa destination for a couple days and the works.
  • Learn something new.  Take a class.  This could be anything from a cooking class to kickboxing.
  • Do something you’ve never done before.  Something adventurous like sky diving, race car driving or a physical challenge.
  • Take this time to get outdoors.  You can have a picnic or go on a picnic, go bike riding.  If you don;t own a bike a lot of cities rent them.  Go to the botanical gardens.


  • Have a meeting with everyone before hand to see what’s on every ones wish list.  It’s very important to include everyone.
  • You could give each person a day to plan activities.
  • You can also give each person a day to themselves.

OUT OF TOWN GUESTS: Sometimes your STAYCATION involves having out of town guests

  • Set up their room or space.  if you’re not prepared your guests may think they are putting you out.
  • Create a welcome basket for them: include items like snacks, magazines, bottles of water, a bottle of wine, toiletries, etc.
  • Lay out their towels and wash cloths and put in their room or the space you’ve created for them.  Guests hate to ask for something they need so having those things you know they’ll need from you will make them that much more comfortable.
  • When I travel I take the slippers that are provided from the hotel and give them to my out of town guests.  I also, make a clean robe available for them.
  • Pick up the local newspaper and magazines so they can see what’s happening in your city during their stay.
  • Plan some time or outings with them. Maybe there is a play in town or go to the movies or schedule a segway tour.
  • Give them some free time on their own.  you don’t have to spend all of their time with them.
  • On the day or days you’ve planned give them an agenda (keep it fun).  You can print it on fancy paper, roll it up and present it in their basket.


  • Be a good guest!
  • Don’t expect your hosts to do everything for you.
  • Give you host space and see what they have planned for you.  if you’ve made some plans let them know in advance so they’ll know when you’re available and when you’re not.
  • Arrive and depart at a respectable time.  Avoid rush hour or something that is before the sun comes up.
  • Ask which airport is the closest to them.
  • Bring a gift.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Do something nice for them during your stay.  One night out to dinner, out for breakfast or get up early and get fruit, pastries, etc. or prepare breakfast for them.
  • Respect their time and space.

To get the most out of your STAYCATION:

  • Plan
  • Treat it like a traditional vacation
  • Unplug

Ja’Vonne Harley
Co-Host, The Traveling Eye