This week on The Traveling Eye Show we’re talking about SpaCations.

What is a SpaCation? Well, consider it more of a lifestyle.  It’s going to a Spa Destination or Resort where the focus or goal can be anything from R&R, Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet and/or beauty and everything inbetween.  You can customize for your goals, needs and personal level.

We consulted Destination Spa Group on some key points to planning and selecting a Spa Destionation and they sent us one of their members The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort’s executive director, Sherry Gossett.

In planning you’ll first want to ask yourself what is your focus and goal.  What do you want to accomplish or get out of the Spa Vacation.  Destination Spa Group has a great survey on their website to ask you those very questions and once the form is completed a Spa Advisor will contact you with recommendations.

In selecting a spa destination you’ll look for places that offer the services you desire to meet your goals, that fit your budget and where you want to go.  You can travel the world or stay at home.

Consider the budget to range from $200 – over $1000 per day and that some are all-inclusive or at least you can get packages and plans that include a great deal.

You’ll want to know the Spa Etiquette:  Understand that this is not the same across the board.  It can vary by spa and country.  You can always ask the spa you’re visiting and I alwys recommend to over dress and watch what the locals do.  it’s a lot easier to take off than to put on, especially fo you didn’t bring your robe with you to the area.  Of course, common areas are usually modest and you wouldn’t bare it all unless it is an separate area for men vs women and even then all rules are not the same.

I searched the internet and used some of my own experiences to see what’s Trending now and while there is a long list and a matter of opinion, this is what I’ve come up with.

There is a focus on the feet.  From reflexology to acupressure.  I’m told that the feet hold key the rest of the body’s health and this is why attention is being paid on the feet.
Cold and & Ice Therapy.  Now, the cold plunge pool has been around for some time but it’s being used more and new treatments using cold and ice are being introduced to spas, like mixing hot and cold stones and it’s being used in facials as well since cold closes the pores.  I actually, run an icecube over my face after I have cleansed it.
Vibrations, music, light and colors:  They’re looking at all of the senses and taping into the body’s own vibration.  I recently started meditating with OmHarmonics.  It’s music that’s been designed specifcally to help you meditate.  I find this is great for me because I’ve tried silent meditation and it doesn’t work for me.
Signature Treatments: Just about every spa has a Signature Treatment and it usually involves a product that is indigenous to the area like a grape seed scrub in Napa Valley or a Soy or Honey treatment at The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort.
Family SpaCations:  Spa’s are now catering to the entire family including the children and there are treatments and spa’s designed just for children.

I love Conde Nast Travelers Hot List of 35 New Spas for 2012.  Here is the web link

Until we meet again…

Ja’Vonne Harley,
Co-Host, The Traveling Eye