Seasoned Travelers Don’t Leave Home Without It

Remember that credit card commercial slogan, “don’t leave home without it”? Well, I wanted to know from other travel professionals and seasoned travelers what their must-have item is when they travel. That one thing they must take with them.

It seems electronics tops the list. Starting with the cellphone. From taking photos, to apps that allow you to have a travel guide, travel resource, storage device, music catalog, a navigator and, oh yea, a phone, the smartphone has become the go-to gadget and travel companion.

With electronics comes accessories for your electronics and the one that tops the list is the portable charger. That also means an adapter is necessary to plug in all your electronics.

Other must-haves are for comforts like a pashmina or shawl or light jacket. Slippers is another, because who wants to walk around on a hotel room floor with bare feet. Other creature comforts are neck pillows. If you’ve ever flown, especially in economy, on a flight long enough to fall asleep, you know that a neck pillow will save you neck pain later. In addition to preventing you from experiencing the head jerk, it supports the neck and head in a more comfortable position. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I prefer the softer micro-beaded pillow over the firm one. The firm one feels more like a vice to me.

For me, I like to have a medicine bag ready to go. I keep over the counter medicines in it like, Ibuprofen, aspirin, common cold medicine, allergy medicine, antiseptic, band-aids, Cipro (for travelers diarrhea), antacids, and any medicines specific to anything you may deal with personally. For example, I have dry eyes so I bring eye drops and lubricant for that.

Having go-to items assures that you are ready and prepared for your travels.

What about you? What’s your must-have travel companion? Email me at or comment on this blog post.