• Appoint an organizer
    • For first timers, I recommend the main organizer enlist a point of contact per family circle, this will help with getting everyone invited, including as many as possible, sharing the work load and most importantly communication.
  • Pick a time to have it. Plan on at least a year out but for the first time maybe 18 months
  • Determine how long it will last: A weekend is always a good length of time to start
  • Start by determining what people will spend
  • The planning period will take approximately 1 – 2 months to enlist help, survey family members, determine date and place
  • NOTE: Create a survey with a few options from which to choose and from that survey pick a date and place.
  • Assign tasks
  • Memorabilia
  • Professional services
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Cost of venue
  • Provide a payment plan
  • Try to use family members who are professionals
Choices: Pros/Cons
  • Home Hosted
    • You bare most of the expense and work
    • If you can hire outside help for set up and clean up
    • Enlist helpers in the family for set up and clean up
    • It’s more affordable
  • Getaway (Cruise, Destination)
    • More expensive
    • People can see it as a family vacation
    • Lots to do
    • People get alone time and family time
  • Local spot National Park
    • More affordable
    • Less work
    • Usually a one day event
  • Immediately send notices to everyone of the selection and a save the date
  • No less than one year out have concrete plans, you’re now ready to send positive Reunion Information
  • Use digital help for organization, communication and registration
  • Websites:
  • Facebook for communication
  • E-Vite for invitations
  • Also find ways to communicate with those who are not online
  • Set up a separate bank account. Never use your own or co-mingle money

  • Usually there is a set date for an annual or bi-annual reunion
  • A host or committee should be selected at the end of the current year or a vote on where to go and what to do
  • Don’t drop the ball. Now that the baton has been passed do your part.
  • Communicate with the previous years captain/host
  • Start fresh and make sure there is no unfinished business to inherit