On Safari

Safari in South Africa is like no other and the experience at Legends Golf and Safari Resort is a great mix of wild life and recreation.  Legends is a three hour drive north of Johannesburg in the Limpopo province and is juts outside of the Entabeni Safari Conservancy.  The accommodations are luxury and contemporary set out in the wild or the bush as they call it.  We had a fantastic time going on safari at dawn and at dusk, which are the best times of the day to see wildlife.  We saw three of the Big 5 (Elephant, Rhinoceros, Lion).  The two we did not see were the Leopard and Buffalo. while it’s fun to count the big and to see them, it’s just as much fun seeing the others and we saw plenty as you can see from the photo show.  One treat was seeing two cheetahs, brothers just walking down the dirt road.  Fortunately for us they did not run.  They are the fastest of the cats.
I just love going on safari and being in the bush.  It’s so peaceful and serene, especially at sun rise and sunset.  The African sky is breathtaking.  The sky produces brilliant colors at different times of the day and the reflection from the horizon and off of the water are phenomenal.  One experience I adore is stopping at sunset at the end of the safari for a sundowner (a cocktail at sunset in the bush).  it’s romantic, a little adventurous and spooky at first.  Then you relax and forget that you’re in the wild and wild animals may lurking.  Maybe the cocktails have something to do with it.  The local favorite and mine is the Amarula, a creamed liquor made from the amarula fruit that grows from a tree.
Next stop Cape Town!
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