The 10th Annual WHUR World Tour 2014 has arrived in New Zealand! Yeah. After 20 hours of flying and two days later, we finally arrived in Queenstown, NZ.

Yes, we are tired. too tired to think straight but too excited to know we’re too tired to think straight.

I had a little surprise for the group when they arrived.  You see, our hotel is located on Lake Wakatipu.  You can get there by road or by the lake. I arranged for the lake arrival but not just by any regular boat, but by jet speed boats.  It was a bit chilly and everyone had to leave their bags on the bus (I think they were more concerned about leaving their bags than getting onto speed boats), put on slickers and life vests and board these speed boats.  The excitement and confusion on their faces was priceless.

Our driver and guide tells us about the lake, that we will get a bit wet and he will do ten 360 degree spin outs.  Some were thrilled, some (women) asked about their hair and others just said well OK.  One thing was for sure, the wind, high speed, the spin outs that sprayed us with water and the chilly air woke us all up and gave us that much needed energy. HELLO NEW ZEALAND!

Then to our hotel, the Hilton Wakatipu on Lake Wakatipu.

In keeping with my style of traveling, especially after a long flight we had just enough time for a shower (much needed by this point), a change of clothes and off we we went to our dinner high above the city to Skyline Tower.  We ascended by gondola’s, took in the fabulous views, had a Maori cultural show and a bit of dinner.

Now we’re finished with the day and can lay our weary heads on our fluffy pillows, extra comfortable mattresses and under warm comforters.  What a day!

Next stop Milford Sound for a full day of adventure.