My Family Getaway to Las Vegas!

Hi Everyone!
I just got back from a family getaway! My cousins and I decided that we wanted to plan a quick getaway to spend some time together.   A few of my relatives have small children so we had to pick a destination where several generations would be able to enjoy themselves.  We ranged from ages12 and under, to 16-20, to 21-29, to 38-45, all the way to 50 – 80.  Where could we go that wouldn’t cost a lot of money, excite everyone, and do it all in 4 days/3 nights.
Las Vegas!!!!  
We called up Ja’Vonne at Advantage International and she put together a great package for us.  Of the hotels she offered us, we decided on Circus Circus because it catered to children and families.  I have been to Vegas many times and had never stayed at this hotel but I have had friends who raved about it.  I must say that it is a very busy hotel.
As the group leader I went into Vegas a couple of days early to make sure everything was set up and ready for the group.  The check in process was crazy.  The line wrapped around the rope twice. It moved at a decent pace but I definitely needed my patience cap on.  Once I made it to the registration desk things went smoothly.  I want to stop here to commend the front desk and sales staff at Circus Circus.  When traveling with a group that is checking in at different times, it can be a nightmare if things aren’t set up properly.  My group was arriving at times from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM throughout the day. A small mix up had everyone checking as a group at 3 PM.  I went to the front desk and spoke with a wonderful woman named Cynthia “CJ”.  I explained the situation I was having with my cousin who had just arrived at 8: 30 AM and was told she couldn’t check in until the group Check In at 3PM.  CJ calmly went and placed a call to the Sales Representative on duty, who was equally nice and understanding. We worked it out, everyone stayed calm and jovial and all was taken care of.  The Bell and Valet staff and the ladies and gentlemen in the Buffet were also helpful and very nice and greeted us with smiles. They really made us feel welcomed.
Circus Circus gave us an awesome coupon booklet when we checked in that had great values on food, rides, shows and shopping. The food and atmosphere in The Steak House was good. And we did see several brides with their grooms walking through the hotel.
Circus Circus does have one major problem and that is their housekeeping staff. Example:
I checked into my room and my sink was slow in draining, I needed more towels and pillows.  I make it a habit to tip my housekeeper every day to make sure the person who is actually cleaning my room receives the tip. I left a tip and a note of what I needed and when I came back to the room the tip was gone, a towel was lying on the floor by the toilet and one was lying inside the bathtub.  That was my first call down to speak with the housekeeping supervisor. Several of my family members had inexcusable problems that were directly due to the housekeeping staff.

Circus Circus is an old property and is in need of some serious renovating.  In 1968, before it was a casino and resort, it was a permanent big top circus. It is the first hotel on the Strip to actively seek family trade. There are even free circus acts under the tent above the main casino.  However, now the casino floor is dark and dingy and there isn’t a nice bar or lounge in the casino area to sit and talk or listen to good music.
In order to get to the pool from the West Tower, inside of the hotel, you must go to the Skyrise Tower, take an elevator up to the third floor, walk through a hallway on a floor with sleeping rooms, go through two doors, and take another elevator down to the pool. It is only open from 9 AM to 7 PM.  However, once we got there we had a great time having fun in the sun.

 The Adventurdome Theme Park is a fully enclosed, climate controlled amusement park that is covered by a huge pink dome. It covers five acres and has rides and games for every age in the family. Our kids had a great time and enjoying their freedom to play and ride the rides.

The just over 21’s loved being able to play the slots and learn the table games “cause they are grown”.  Those of us who are a little older got a big kick out watching the family bond, laugh and tell old stories.

 We discovered the Las Vegas Citizens Area Transit System (the local bus). $7 will get you a 24 hour day pass to ride the bus up and down the strip and downtown. What a bargain!
We even ran in to Brad Garrett from the TV show “Everyone Loves Raymond” at the House of Blues Gospel Brunch at the Mandalay Bay!  That’s my niece Lisa in the picture with him. He really is tall.
My family had a great time getting together in Las Vegas and are looking forward to our next getaway. And even though Circus Circus may not be a resort that I would stay in again,  it may be a good fit for families who are looking for an economical, fun filled stay in Las Vegas.
Until next time, keep your Eye to the sky!
Bonnie DeShong