Hello Fellow Travelers and Listeners:

This Friday April, 17th we are talking about Medical Tourism. We have special guest,
Renee-Marie Stephano, Esq, COO & General Council of the Medical Tourism Association.

With medical costs rising and insurance coverage reducing Medical Tourism has been on the rise. There are many questions and we have an expert who can answer them all. Tune in to get the answers to these questions:
· What is Medical Tourism?
· How many Americans are traveling overseas?
· How many will travel in the future?
· What procedures they are going for?
· What are the hospitals like compared to US hospitals?
· How many hospitals are modern and like 5 star hotels?
· What procedures are they going for and what are the cost savings (up to 90% off)?
· What are the doctors and quality like?
· After care and legal issues?
· Tourism options?

For more information on our guest or the Medical Tourism Association:
Renee-Marie Stephano, Esquire
Chief Operating Officer
Medical Tourism Association, Inc.
Editor Medical Tourism Magazine
Tel 001.561.791.2000