May 4, 2008

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

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This Sunday, Bonnie will be live from Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a colorful tapestry of Spanish, French, Haitian, and African influences woven by a rich and storied history. Christopher Columbus described this lush land as “a beautiful island paradise with high forested mountains and large river valleys”. Punta Cana is in the Eastern Region of the Island where it’s all about the beach. Punta Cana is undeniably breathtaking with tall swaying palms scattered along 21 miles of some of the whitest and finest coral sand beaches in the world. The area has become a haven for vacationers who are seeking a beach chair, a Pina Colada and a good read.

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Getting ripped off while traveling is never a pleasant experience. Remember that thieves thrive on confusion, crowds and tourist traps. Keep a low profile. Leave the valuable jewelry at home. If you must have bling, get the fake stuff to travel with. Take only enough money with you for the days activities and keep the rest in the safety deposit box in your room along with your passport. If you must carry a bag make it a small one that can stay close to your body like a fanny pack. If a theft happens, immediately get a police report because you’ll need it to make an insurance claim and lost or stolen traveler’s checks must be reported within 24 hours. Even the most careful traveler can get ripped off. The point here is to limit your loses and don’t let it ruin your trip. Tune in next week for more safety tips
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“The world is the book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.”