March 16, 2008

Hello Fellow World Travelers,
The Traveling Eye with Bonnie DeShong and Ja’Vonne Harley is live every Sunday from 4-5 PM Central time on the Talk of Chicago 1690 WVON and on line @ This Sunday, March 16, 2008, Ja’Vonne is back in the studio after being in Southern Africa with a group of 100 travelers for the past two weeks.

This week we will address TRAVEL FEARS! There are people who will not travel because of various fears and/or phobias. We will discuss and explore everything from the fear of flying to germ phobias.

Think you are alone, think again and tune in to get your questions answered or share your experience with an expert.

Psychologist, Dr. Melissa Perrin and Psychiatrist Dr. Brett Plyler will be in the studio with us to discuss fears and phobias in travel and some of the solutions that may help us overcome them.
Tune in to the Traveling Eye, Sunday from 4 to 5 PM with Bonnie and Ja’Vonne . If you would like to call and comment or have a question, the number is 773 591-1690 or you can email us at Visit our blog at and read about past shows and Ja’Vonne’s travels to Southern Africa

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