Mancations & Father’s Day trip Ideas

Don’t know when the term Mancations was first spoken but in the 2006 film The Break Up, Vince Vaughn made reference to it.  What is it? A male only vacation.  No women allowed. Since Bonnie and I are a bit challenged in this area we asked a few guys we know about Mancations.  I must tell you that guys in general are a bit tight lipped about Mancations but we got it out of them or at least from those who agreed to speak to us.

First the rules of Mancations: (As told to us by those we interviewed)

  1. Leave the wives/girlfriends behind both physically and mentally.
  2. Do not bring emotional baggage.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Don’t plan too much.
  5. Leave time and room for spontaneity.
  6. When dining out be mindful of what you order if you are splitting the bill or put in more if you order something expensive or a lot of alcohol.
  7. Relax and have fun.
  8. Find at least one common activity for all to enjoy.
  9. Remember the “Bro Rules” they won’t tell us what they are just that they need to be followed.
  10. What happens on a Mancation stays on a Mancation

How do you Mancation? We found that men are very diverse with different likes, dislikes and interests.  However, when it comes to Mancations men will generally come together on common ground.  I must admit, I’m a bit jealous how easily men come together, don’t sweat the small stuff and the rules seem to be upheld without being spoken.

In contrast to a girlfriends getaway, there’s no night in with sharing, caring and emotional break throughs. Instead male bonding is all about sharing an activity. In fact their idea of a night in is watching a game or playing poker.

We interviewed three brothers with very different lifestyles.

Q: Who do you Mancation with?

  • A # 1: My brothers
  • A # 2: My brothers, Frat Brothers and some friends
  • A # 3: My brothers and sometimes friends

Q: Where have you traveled to for a Mancation?

  • A # 1: My brothers and I have attended our home team’s football games in our home city and at some away games.  We fly in Friday or Saturday, attend the game on Sunday and go back home after the game or on Monday.  We’ve also gone to Vegas and New Orleans.  Vegas was just because and New Orleans was for the Essence Music Festival.
  • A # 2: With my brothers it’s usually a home team football game.  With my Frat Brothers it’s usually a music festival like the Essence Music Festival, Soul beach Music Festival in Aruba or a casino in Vegas and/or night club.
  • A # 3: Usually with my brothers to sporting events.

Q: What activities do you enjoy on a Mancation?

  • A #1: I usually enjoy being a spectator at a sporting event.  When going to the Islands or a beach area, I enjoy the rest and relaxation, scuba diving and swimming.
  • A #2: Going to a sporting event.  Playing golf, gambling, going to a nightclub, smoking cigars and drinking Jack Daniels
  • A #3: going to a sporting event. Scuba diving, playing golf and going to a sports bar.

Q: How many guys are usually on your Mancations?

  • A: No many, usually 3 – 6 guys

Q: How many days are your Mancations?

  • A: Usually a long weekend 3 – 4 nights

Q: How often do you take a Mancation?

  • A #1: It’s been a few years.  My brothers and I used to go annually, however we haven’t kept up with it.  it’s time for another one.
  • A #2: A few weeks ago with a friend
  • A #3: A few years.  it’s been too long

Q #2: Where do you like to play golf?

  • A #2: Pebble Beach, CA. Golf Digest rates Pebble Beach as the # 1 Public Golf Course.  Another great place for golf is St. Andrews, Scotland.

Q: What would be your ideal Mancation?

  • A #1: To the Caribbean for some fun in the sun, rest and relaxation.
  • A #2: Can’t say what I really want. But the ideal mancation would be to Cuba just men. Cigars warm weather golf fishing. Every man dreams of something they cant have or go to.  
  • A #3: I always liked New Orleans, especially at the Essence weekend. If your single their are plenty of women at the festival.  New Orleans  is a party town. City stays up all night with plenty to do, food is great, music is fantastic, and if you like to gamble they have Casinos.  I don’t think you can ask for more if you and your boys want to go on a trip (Mancation)
This interview gave us some insight to how men Mancation and it is even more evident that men are from mars and women are from venus.
Well, Father’s Day is fast approaching and fathers are deserving of honor and appreciation.  They hold a special place in our hearts and in our lives.  With that being said how about having a Hall of Fame weekend for dad?  Whether you travel or not.
If you travel here are some great places to visit for dads Hall of Fame weekend:
Where? Cleveland Ohio

Where? Canton Ohio

Where? Coopersville, NY

To enhance the weekend and to honor dad, have a photo of dad on a fake magazine cover with or on a Wheaties box

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

Ja’Vonne Harley
Co-Host, The Traveling Eye
Owner, Advantage International, LLC