Club Culturati

For Souls with Wanderlust

Statistics show that African-Americans prefer to travel in groups. One of the reasons is that there is safety in numbers, particularly when traveling internationally.

While we embrace that tradition, we also strive to customize the travel experience by painstakingly researching and sometimes scouting destinations—cities or countries that our Culturati have been curious about, but probably wouldn’t consider exploring alone.

Advantage Culturati in Tiananmen Square, 2013

                  Advantage International Culturati visited Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 2013.

“Like traveling with family”

We often hear that traveling in our groups is like a family trip—minus any spats. Perhaps it’s easy to bond when you’re having a great time with people who share similar interests.

Wherever our Culturati roam, they want to learn about other cultures first hand. They enjoy spending time with the nationals, sampling local cuisine in fine dining establishments, shopping and entertainment. And when the day is done, they want to return to a comfortable room in a luxury hotel. We take pride in delivering these things every time, for every group.

A typical group can comprise 75-100 Culturati. This year, we’re introducing a new level of service, Advantage Elite, for those who’d like to experience travel with smaller groups.