Ja’Vonne’s Travel Tips

Hey Guys,

I’ve recently done my Travel Minutes from our radio show on tips.

Here are some of my “Travel Tips & Minutes”

Little known facts and tips to assist you in your travels.

  • Did you know that mustard can relieve leg cramps?  Well it does! Yellow mustard contains turmeric acid which is an anti-inflammatory. Actually, turmeric has many health benefits.  Check them out at turmerichealthbenefits.org.  So put some of those yellow mustard packets in your bag for those long flights.
  • Fellas, if you forget your shaving cream, don’t fret because you can use the hair conditioner that most hotels provide.  It acts the same as shaving cream and softens the hair.  For extra care use it with a hot towel compression.  Ladies, we can use this as well for our shaving needs.
  • Whether or not you’re a germaphobe, pack some cleansing towelettes and wipe off those airline trays and arms rests.  I don’t know how often they clean them but I’ve seen some really dirty ones during my travels.
  • Don’t throw away those plastic covers that sheets come in, use them for your dirty or wet clothes when you travel.
  • I use my phone to take photos when I travel and on my recent trip my phone malfunctioned.  This was a reminder to me to download my photos each day and to have a cloud app.  The cloud app automatically sends your photos to the cloud for safe keeping.
  • Put your shoes in shoe bags to keep the street dirt from your clothes in your luggage or you can use old socks.
  • Umbrellas take up space and are cumbersome, so I travel with a foldable rain hat instead and hotels often have umbrellas that you can borrow for those downpours.
  • Whether or not you have a sensitive stomach, trying new foods and spices can cause some irritation. Eat yogurt each day starting a week before your trip to help with digestion.  The cultures & enzymes in yogurt help fight bacteria.  If your stomach becomes upset eat ginger to help settle it.  I like to use candied ginger or simply place fresh ginger in hot water and drink like tea.
  • The Left Behind, Lost and Found. When we travel, we pack up the things we need but often we lose them or leave them behind.
    • If you find yourself with a prohibited item at TSA screening and it’s something you’re not willing to leave behind, you can have it mailed to you.  TSA screening stations have the means to ship your item to you at your own expense.
    • I have so many cellphone charges because I have often left it behind only to purchase another one at the airport.  Well, a remedy to that is the hotel’s lost and found.  Cell phone chargers and lap top power cables are often left in hotel rooms and end up at the hotel’s lost and found.  Even if it’s not yours, you just find one that works with your phone because the chance of them being claimed after the guest checks out is very little.
    • Traveling internationally means you need adapters for your electronics.  This too is an item that I’ve forgotten or left behind and once again, the hotel to the rescue.  Hotels often have a small supply of adapters that they will loan to you during your stay.  They may request a deposit to ensure you return it.
Ja’Vonne Harley