Ja’Vonne’s Travel Minute

There are times when only one parent is traveling with their child or neither parent is traveling.  The reasons are many, the other parent just isn’t traveling, divorce, a deceased parent, an absent parent or a school trip.  Irregardless of the reason when a child is traveling with one parent or someone who is not the parent or legal guardian you’ll want to be prepared and avoid trip interruption, denied boarding or cancellation and have a parental consent or permission letter accompany you. This applies to domestic and international.  The Customs and Border Protection Agency or city or state officials may ask for this information.

While you may not be asked to show this letter, it is imperative that you have in case you are for whatever reason.  Otherwise, you and the child can be detained until the circumstances and permissions can be verified.

In some cases an airline may require a consent letter and if you don’t have it you will be denied boarding.  It could also be the requirement of the country you’re visiting and if not presented you could be denied entry.

These measures are in place because of incidents of child abduction including custody disputes.  The letter should include:

  • Who: Who you are, who the child is
  • What: What you will be doing during your travels
  • Where: Where you are traveling to
  • When: Your dates of travel including departure and return
  • Why: The purpose of your travels, i.e school trip, reunion, etc
  • Contact information: Name, Address, phone numbers of the absent parent(s).

While not always required, it is also highly recommended that the letter be notarized.

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