Because you are a savvy traveler you always carry on your luggage.  Well, in today’s travel environment not only are the flights full but so too are the overhead bins.

Whether it’s for short trips, to avoid checked bag fees or just to make sure your bags arrive when you do, more people are carrying on.

You may start out with the intention of carrying your bag onto the plane but when you get boarding zone 6, chances are you’ll have to relinquish your bag to the airline to be checked.

Now, what do you do when you have valuables or fragile items that you know will not survive the belly of the beast?  Being the savvy traveler that you are, you have packed a collapsible day bag in your carry on.  One that is lightweight, folds flat and won’t take up space.  And, voila, you have a bag that will fit underneath the seat in front of you and your valuables are protected.  A savvy traveler is ALWAYS prepared.