Why are you over packing?

Every time I have a group orientation the group members are usually aghast at the requirement of one checked bag and one carry-on bag. It’s actually very easy to travel with these requirements and I find the reasons people over pack are all correctable.

  1. Stop thinking you need more than you do and preparing for every “what if” there is, pack with your basic needs in mind.
  2. If you’re not packing with a color palette you’re not getting the most out of your wardrobe and you’re packing too many individual items and shoes. Remember every item should go with or match 2-3 other items.
  3. Your bag is just to big.  Start with a smaller bag, I recommend the 24 inch for a checked bag but if you must, no larger than the 27 inch.  A bigger bag just means you’re compelled to fill it up.  Also get one that expands so you can accommodate your souvenirs.  Just don’t start with the expansion.
  4. Buy travel size items and look for things that have multiple functions.
Happy and light travels!