Ja’Vonne in Puna Cana, Dominican Republic

Hey there,

It is Saturday and we had a full day but it is not over. I am taking a break before we leave to see the Paradisus Punta Cana and have dinner there. We will also go to a club called the Cave after dinner.

Now, my day so far.
We left the hotel around 9am and headed in a jeep safari. We drove to the country side. We first visited a home and family. Maria was our hostess and we met her 5 children. They also make coffee, chocolate, coconut oil, chocolate marmalade and vanilla extract. I almost forgot, they also make Mamajuana. this is a drink made from various roots like ginger, cinnamon., etc. Red wine is poured over the roots and left for several days. the wine is then poured off and you fill the bottle 70% with dark rum and 30% honey and let sit for days. Now it is ready to drink. it tastes like a liqueur. You drink it straight like a shot. We saw how the coffee and coco was harvested, processed and made. We also tasted hot chocolate and coffee. I bought some chocolate marmalade. It’s really good with fresh coconut.

We then went for zip lines. I’ll upload my picture when I return. We did 4 lines the first 2 were 65 meters long and the 3rd & 4th ones were 115 meters long. so much fun.

After zip lining we head to a tobacco farm and watched as cigars were made. I don’t smoke but I tried the flavored cigars, cherry and vanilla. like Clinton I did not inhale.

I’m about to shower and get ready for our evening activities.