January 13, 2008 Show

Thank you for listening to our show!

Our the first segment featured Singapore and an interview with Kershing Goh, Regional Director of Singapore Tourist Board for North America. Kershing was delightful and offered an abundance of information on Singapore. Highlights included, the Ethnic District, Botanical Gardens, the street food (yes, it’s safe to eat), the Singapore River,the night life and the shopping, along with many other wonderful things to see and do in Singapore.

Our second segment featured Bali and a current group trip organized by Advantage International to Singapore and Bali March 26 – April 3, 2008. Bali is a tropical destination and boasts beautiful and exoctic Flora and Balinese traditions, like the Balinese Dance, Sarongs and Batiks. We also talked about the wonderful hotels where we will stay in Singapore & Bali: The Marina Mandarin in Singapore, which is located at Marina Bay and in the center of most activities and the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel an Spa in Bali. The Nusa Dua Beach is one of the best swimming beaches in Bali and the hotel is a beautiful property with traditional design and a fabulous spa. For more information on the Singapore & Bali trip go to http://www.advantage-intl.com/Sing_Bali_Cover.htm or call 312-266-8687.

Our the final segments included an open discussion on a upcoming project in Haiti called Memory Village, which would be a living museum on slavery. The village would allow visitors to be a slave for a day (12 hour period). The 12 hour day would take you through a process of be kidnapped and/or captured, boarded on a slave ship, sold on an auction block and would end with rebellion that lead to the 1804 independence of Haiti from slavery. We posed the question “What do you think of this type of attraction” Many were offended and disagreed with the concept.