Improving Your Airplane Etiquette

It seems that airplane incidents are on the rise again. Unruly passengers getting into fights with each other or with crew, are becoming all too familiar. That’s why today, I thought I would talk about Airplane Etiquette.

Dear Parents,

We understand that kids will be kids, but it doesn’t mean you ignore them all together. There is a difference and we are more accepting when we see you attending to them and not just letting them run amuck. Please for their safety and yours do not allow them to use the airport or airplane as a playground.

To all you recliners;

Yes, it’s your right to recline and if the seats weren’t so cramped it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. We just want for a little courtesy here and ask that you gently recline your seat so it’s not so aggressive, especially if the person behind you has their tray table down. I typically, glance behind me first and then slowly recline.

Hello I don’t know when to cut myself off drinker;

I too like to have a libation or two at the airport or even on the plane, but being in close quarters and dealing with strangers is a recipe for disaster when we’ve gone to the well too many times; not to mention you could be denied boarding or kicked off the plane. Save the heavy drinking for when you’re on the ground and on your personal time.

OK chatty Kathy;

Whether you’re talking to fellow passengers or on the phone before take-off, those who are five rows in front of or behind you shouldn’t hear your conversation and if the person you’re talking to puts on headphones, you’re talking too much. Just use your inside voice!

Mr. or Ms. Overhead Bin Shuffler,

Your the most egregious of them all, if your bag doesn’t fit and you see that it could if things were moved around, get a flight attendant, do not rearrange other passengers belongings on your own. People just don’t like that and have been known to cause arguments. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

All in all, common courtesies go a long way and can prevent a conflict!