My wish for you this year is to turn your trips into fabulous experiences and unforgettable moments. Create an experience beyond your itinerary. Do the things that will turn you into a story teller. By this I mean; Get up close and personal with the destination. 

Embrace and learn the culture. That could be anything from religion to food. 

Pay attention to the small things like the flowers and the colors. 

Live in the moment and take time to reflect on what you’re feeling. 

Meet people you’re sharing space with who are traveling from other places.

Find the pulse of a city and immerse yourself…  Like an outdoor cafe or bistro in France to do some people watching, Dance to Zydeco music on the streets of New Orleans, Take a pasta making class in Italy.

Do something luxurious like fine dining, buying one expensive thing or a fabulous spa.

Go to an out of the way place, search for the best view in town and visit neighborhoods.

When taking photos think about telling a story.

I want to leave you with the quote by Aarti Khurana that inspired me to write this. “While you are alive, collect moments not things”

Ja’Vonne Harley