How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

Your hotel room may be nice and tidy, but, how clean is it?

We’ve heard about the dirtiest items in a hotel room, well, based on a study conducted by Travel Math – Hotel Hygiene Exposed, that list has been updated.

The ice bucket –  is not cleaned, it’s just emptied. So, make sure you clean it yourself before you use it, especially if you plan on using the ice you put in it.

Pillow cases – Yes, pillow cases, they’re not cleaned as often as you think, especially the ones on top. I suggest you bring your own for an extra layer of protection.

Sheets – while sheets are typically laundered routinely, a recent investigation revealed that there have been instances when housekeeping have neglected to change bed linens between guests. This means you could be sleeping on a stranger’s sheets. Yuk! Here’s what you should do….pull back the covers and inspect the sheets. If they don’t look clean to you, ask to have them changed. Place a mark on the sheet so you can verify that this has been done.

The floor – I just don’t know who would put their bare feet on a carpet, in a place other than their home. Carpets are vacuumed, that’s it. Bring a pair of slippers, just in case the hotel doesn’t supply them and wear them, always!

Drinking glasses! Why? Because they are not washed in the kitchen using high heat or soap, they never leave the room and are rinsed or worse yet, sprayed with bathroom cleaner by housekeeping.

The coffee pot and machine, once again, here is an item that is only rinsed, not cleaned with high heat or soap. You’ll have to clean it yourself.

And the long list of items that are touched and rarely, if ever cleaned that most of us are aware of. The light switch, the remote, the alarm and drawer handles, just to name a few. Just think about all the items you touch in your hotel room, then stop and think how many others have touched it – with germy hands.

These items had high levels of bacteria when tested so, here’s what you should consider for a hotel ready pack: Disinfecting wipes, a pillow case, slippers and dishwashing liquid, travel size of course.


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  1. C. Cole
    December 6th

    Great Info, new items to add to my list.