Genealogical Travel – Creating Your Own Heritage Trail

Tips for Taking Genealogical Research Trips by Tony Burroughs

Before leaving

  • Research card catalogs of libraries and historical societies you will visit
  • Copy titles and card catalog numbers you want to research & print out
  • Use Map Quest to route inner city travel
  • Save Map Quest maps and routing to smart phone or computer
  • Print out Map Quest maps and routing

On location

  • Get personal tour of library before researching
  • Keep research log on where you research, what books or films you looked at, names you searched for what you found
  • Make personal contacts with reference librarians and exchange business cards
  • Eat at local restaurants, not national chains

Back Home

  • Download photos from camera or phone to computer
  • Name or label photos
  • Update genealogy charts with new found information

Recording Tools

  • Note Pad
  • Pen and Pencil (some facilities do not allow pens)
  • Video Recorder
  • Audio Recorder
  • Scanner (flat bed)
  • Camera

Tony Burroughs, FUGA Author, Black Roots: A Beginners Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree