Destination Weddings “When Things Go Wrong”

Last week on our show we interviewed wedding expert and owner of JustMarry, Susan Southerland for some tips on Destination Weddings “When Things Go Wrong”.  While Destination Wedding can me wonderful you have to protect yourself and your investment when planning to have one.  We often don’t think of the “What if’s” and as Susan told us we should.  Here are her tips:

  • Select a good and reputable wedding planner.  Don’t try to do it on your own because this day and event should be one that you relish.  You shouldn’t be the one handling all of the details and an expert has contacts, relationships and experience!
  • Pay attention to the contact! The wedding planner should give you a contract that includes all of the services and details of your event.  Ask questions and negotiate, especially when it comes to the vendors like hotels, ground services, cancellation, changes and contingencies.
  • Get insurance for your wedding and travelers insurance for the trip.  Also, advise your friends and family to buy travelers insurance as well.  It will protect the cost of the trip in the event of the unforeseen.  Travelers Insurance and regular insurance does not cover for “cold feet”.
  • When things go wrong, don’t become a Bridezilla! Know and discuss your options and remember You attract more bees with honey!

Ja’Vonne Harley, Co-Host, The Traveling Eye