Copenhagen, Denmark Day Two

Hello again,

It’s day two.  I woke up and could not see a thing out my window.  It’s very cloudy and snowing! We started with a visit to the Carlsberg Brewery.  Yep, beer at 9:30am.  Now, that’s how you start your day.

Carlsberg is not only a brewery it’s a great venue to have a welcome or farewell dinner.  The grounds are beautiful complete with gardens and the facility is beautifully decorated with tradition and elegance.  Carlberg is a Danish brewery that was established in 1847 and has been successfully brewing beer ever since.  they have introduced a new beer called Copenhagen where they blend yeast from champagne with the hops from beer.  It’s a light and refreshing taste without the bitterness of beer that some people, especially women don’t like. 

Our next stop was for a demonstration of one of Denmark’s national dish, Smorrebrod, or “open face sandwich”.  It’s made with buttered rye bread and typically three courses, starting with hard boiled egg, mayonnaise, shrimp, lemon and fresh dill. The second is fried fish fillet, roumelade, lemon, pickles, tomato, cucumber and fresh dill.  The final sandwich is roasted pork with crispy skin, pickled cabbage, prunes, pickles, mayonnaise and fresh dill.

We first had a demonstration and then we all made our own sandwiches.  The sandwiches are actually quite large and very filling and did I mention Delicious?  the new thing for those with less of an appetite is Smushi.  This are bite sized versions of the sandwiches.  There is another typical and traditional Smorrebrod we did not have and that was pickled herring.  They weren’t sure if we would care for herring.

the rest of the day was spent visiting hotels and I must say that I was quite impressed with the Crowne Plaza for the “green” philosophy.  The Crowne Plaza uses Solar energy and harnesses the ground water for their heating and cooling system.  Even their toiletries are in biodegradable containers mad with corn.  The other stand out is the Hilton.  It’s an airport hotel that is above the rest.  I especially want to thank our hosts for the way in which they greeted us. when we arrived we were directed to one of their ball rooms.  the room was darkened and there were two large screens projecting a fireplace.  there were chairs arranged in a half circle each with a small foot spa ready for us.  What a way to end a day of touring and site inspections.  Oh,how can I forget….champagne was involved!

The European delegates left us and head back to their home countries.  Now we are six and all North America.  We are now five women and one man, the one man happens to be our neighbor to the north, Canada.  Now that we are a smaller party we have dinner at a quaint restaurant in the downtown area called Restaurant Gronnegade.  Absolutely love this place. Small, cozy, friendly and the food is well presented and excellent.  the owner, Eva Jerris served us with superb service.

It’s been a long and wonderful day…Tomorrow will be at a slower pace, it will be clearer and colder…The forecast says the high will be 28 degrees.  I should have brought my Uggs.

until tomorrow…