Christmas Gifts for the Traveler

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

Bonnie and I do a show each year on “Christmas Gifts for the Traveler”. We list our favorite things along with some items we’ve discovered through research and recommendations. We vary our list to fit different wallets and tastes.

Stocking Stuffer: These are great because they are economical and/or small in size.

  • Pocket sized Road Atlas – Not everyone is technologically profound
  • Travel Sized Toiletries/Products – Make sure you select products that the traveler already uses
  • Carabiner – It’s sort of triangular in shape and is used mostly by mountain climbers. I like to keep one in my luggage just in case I have to clip something together.
  • Multifunction Tool – These tools usually include, flashlights, ruler, screwdriver, etc.
  • Wine Wheel – This is an excellent tool to help you paid wine with your meal. There are several types that help with international wines.
  • Monogrammed Luggage Tags


  • Language Translators – You can spend a little or a lot. From books to talking devices. If you are a big spender you can also consider a language course.
  • Camera – from a disposable underwater camera to the top of the line
  • Portable speakers – There are many but I like the IMainGo. It’s small and comes in it’s own case with speakers and a place for your MP3 player and ear buds
  • Electrical Adaptor – from kits to my favorite the Belkin all in one

Books for sofa or real world traveler:

  • Travel Journal – Not a regular blank journal but the one made for traveling. It assists the traveler with taking notes by asking questions and some will also include travel tips
  • National Geographic’s Drives of a Lifetime
  • Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book
  • Food Journeys of a lifetime
  • Travel & Leisure’s Unexpected USA
  • 1000 places to see before you die – I use this book for those special places that are not on a regular tour or a major site
  • Subscription to a travel magazine – I like and subscribe to Travel & Leisure and for the high end traveler I like Departures

Other Gifts:

  • Gift Cards – They are offered by airlines & hotels & you can also get Itunes for music or travel apps
  • Frequent Flyer Miles – This is the gift where you give to get. Some airlines are running promotions where if you buy miles you also get bonus miles
  • Shawl or throw or blanket – I like the shawl or large scarf the best because you can use it as a blanket and to wear
  • Travel Sheet Set – Silk sheets to go with a built in pillow and case. Especially nice for the person who has allergies or sensitive skin or simply don’t like sleeping on unfamiliar sheets
  • Slippers – Every traveler can use slippers for airports, airplanes or hotel rooms. I like ones that have rubber soles and fold
  • Microbead Neck Pillow – This has become my must have, especially when I travel economy. The Microbeads make the pillow soft and squishy and the fabric is plush. You can find them at any airport
  • Luggage Scale – This is almost a necessity now since airlines are so strict with luggage weight


  • Geography – Anything that teaches geography in a fun way (a wall map, an electronic globe, games, etc)
  • Diaper Buds – These were invented by moms that got tired of transporting bulky diapers. They fold neatly into a small bud, which takes up less space than a regular diaper but opens to a full sized diaper. They are not as thick but will travel well and come in handy
  • Their luggage in their own size

We hope this list will assist you during the holiday and gifting season.
Here is a tip for the “Traveler”.

Ja’Vonne’s Travel Tip: Those who travel hear the same phrase almost every time they’re about to travel, “Bring me something Back”. We know that this allows some to live vicariously through your travels, but this task of bringing souvenirs back for loved ones can be cumbersome and expensive especially if you travel a lot. Instead of bringing back that souvenir and giving it to them right away, shop with Christmas and Birthdays in mind. Establish a gift closet so when you return home you can store it away & when the time is right go shopping in your closet. When your present your gift, it will be unique and memorable.